5 Great Customer Knits in Knit Picks Yarn

We see a lot of projects come through the doors here at Knit Picks. From the samples we have knit for our collections, to staff projects that span all levels of craft, there’s nothing like swooning over someone’s hard work, appreciating all the hours that went into their creation. It’s the projects from customers, however, that often make us gasp with delight. It’s fun to see how they used a certain yarn a certain way, and it never ceases to surprise us how creative our customers really are, constantly!  Here are 5 amazing projects knit in Knit Picks Yarn. Maybe one of them will inspire you!


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New Tool Kits!

Did you know we have some pretty great kits on our site? Ranging from technique-based tools to simply adorable accessories, we have a kit for just about every crafty moment that might arise. Take a peek at some of our brand new kits to see if there’s something that you just have to have!

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Dispatches from The Beginners

With some recent staff changes here at Knit Picks, we have a number of employees who are new to knitting.  It’s fun to check in with them to see how they’re progressing. I love to hear about their trials, and how they’re completing projects and gaining confidence along the way. You might remember Alexis from the podcast she did a while back on being a newbie. She’s been working on a scarf from our Learn to Knit Club Kit, and look how well she’s doing! Here are the dispatches from the Knit Picks Beginner Knitters, in their own words.


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Learn to Knit a Benefaction Knit Hat

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit in the round, or on double pointed needles, but are unsure how? A simple hat, with handsome stripes and the perfect fit is an excellent way to get started on these techniques, and our new tutorial featuring the Benefaction Knit Hat will take you through every step! Stacey, who designed the hat, uses circular needles from our shorties set, and then changes to double pointed needles when the decreases result in too few stitches to continue with a circular needle.

KP Staffer Jennifer, relatively new to knitting, tried out knitting in the round for the very first time. She watched the tutorial, and tentatively cast on.

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Monthly Yarn Sale: Great Patterns in Swish


Swish is the superwash of knitters’ dreams!  Just the ticket for children’s clothes, afghans, charity knitting and gift knitting, there’s no need to worry about the care your knitting will receive since this yarn can be machine washed and will come out even softer than before. Swish also happens to be on sale this month as part of our Monthly Yarn Sale. Save 20% this month on all in stock Swish colors and weights!

This super versatile yarn is great in cables, colorwork and even heavier-weight lace projects. Take a peek at some of our bestselling patterns below for some extra inspiration and maybe, just maybe you’ll find yourself with a few balls of this magical yarn in your cart!

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9 Things We’re Loving for May

The flowers are in full bloom here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we couldn’t help but be inspired by the soft floral shades that are popping up everywhere. From pastel yarns to pretty and practical accessories, here are just a few of the things we’re loving this month. Happy Crafting!


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Staff Projects – Bunny Knits!

Spring is almost over – can you believe it? Only about a month to go until summer, and I don’t know if I’m ready quite yet. The weather in the Northwest has been everything from 50 to 90 degrees already, giving us a sample of what looks to be the hot summer ahead. So to keep spring around for just a bit longer (at least in my mind, and on my needles) I made some sweater for my daughters. Want to see?


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