Podcast Call for Entries: FIT!


Do you knit or crochet fitted garments, or do you choose styles that are relatively unshaped? We’re looking for stories about how you nailed it, and made a piece of clothing that fit you like a glove (or a sweater, or a…well, you get the point). What made it a success, and what trials did you have to go through? We also know you have disaster stories: sweaters that reached the ground, garments that strangled their recipients, necks that hung agape. We want to hear those, too! We’re also curious as to what you think is helpful in a pattern, to guarantee a good fit. What do you make sure is included, before you cast on?

Contact us at podcast@knitpicks.com and if we choose your entry for our next podcast, we’ll send you a charm pack of our favorite yarns. Write now!

Image from Popsugar

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For The Love Of…Brava!

Have you knit or crocheted with our acrylic yarn, Brava? Available in sport, worsted, and bulky weights Brava is big fun and easy care. And for two days only (2/16 and 2/17), we’re having a Brava President’s Day Sale. All weights are 30% off! To celebrate, we’re rounding up some amazing Ravelry projects in Brava. Have a peak, and get inspired!


We were blown away by “Michael’s Wolf” made by SilentStich in Brava Sport. Blankets are a big win with Brava. Because it’s is so affordable, the quantity of yarn you’ll need still comes in at a good price, and the blankets, once complete, are easily washed and dried in your machine. Brava is not just for blankets, however!

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Chill Zone: Be My Valentine

Heart Pillow by BuddhaLeDread via Ravelry
We have just the list to fill your Valentine weekend full of hearts and crafts! I’m definitely planning on making a batch of heart shaped treats, settling down under a cozy blanket and queuing up my two favorite movies about relationships, love and friendship (see below for both picks!). Make sure to unwind from the work week with our custom playlist on Spotify while working …

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For The Love Of….Hawthorne!

There are certain yarns that come through the office, and when they do, our staff SWOONS. So we’re doing a short blog series called “For the Love of…” where we feature one of our yarns, and projects made by the Knit Picks staff in that yarn. When I asked around the office who loved Hawthorne, there was a resounding cry of joy from the KP team. Everyone loves it, and almost everyone had projects to show off! So I collected them to show you how Hawthorne can lend itself to such a wide array of amazing projects. Hopefully their projects will inspire you as much as they have inspired me!


We loved our original Hawthorne for its striking flashes of color. When Hawthorne Kettle came on board, however, we couldn’t wait

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A Big Cozy Valentine

I think Valentine’s Day is fun for a lot of reasons. I love the colors: red and pink and white are bright and graphic (I like to sneak orange in there, too, where I can). I like that it comes in the deepest part of winter, when you need a pick-me-up of some kind. I love that it’s a holiday everyone can celebrate and not because everyone has a partner, but because surely everyone can find someone in their life to show appreciation and love toward, right? So this Valentine’s Day, why not knit up a quick accessory for a special person in your life? Our Big Cozy Yarn makes it so fast and fun, and with these free patterns, you’ll want to make one for yourself, too!


What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day than our V-stitch Bulky Cowl?

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Podcast 249: The Newbie – Listen NOW!

Remember when you were a new knitter or crocheter? What were some of the big mistakes you made? In this podcast, we explore what it means to be new to the craft. Alexis, Knit Picks Photography Assistant and new-ish knitter, takes advice from listeners. Debbie Stoller, author of the incredibly popular “Stitch ‘N Bitch” series, tells us about how she discovered knitting, and how she’s inspired countless other people to take it up. Three podcast listeners also tell us about their experiences.


Whether you’re a new knitter, or recall your new knitting days fondly, you’ll find something in this episode to which you’re sure to relate.

3 easy ways to listen…


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Crafting for Kids: Needle Felted Hearts (with Tutorial)!


Would you like the kids in your child’s class to receive a super special treat this Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for a fun craft to do with your kids this Saturday? Do you want to incorporate some fiber fun into your Valentine’s Day, no matter what age you are? Here’s a cute and super simple craft that can be done with kids or for kids, or by kids of all ages:)! Since it involves needles, this felting project is suitable for the slightly older child, and supervision is essential. These needle felted hearts are easy to make, adorable to wear or give, and are sure to make your Valentine smile.

To make this project, you’ll need:

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