World Wide Crafting In Public

This Saturday, June 13th, is World Wide Knit in Public Day! How much do you knit in public? Whether it’s in a coffee or bookshop, on public transportation or in the park, I always have my knitting with me, ready to be pulled out whenever I have a slow moment. I find that it’s those couple of rows that I can get done here and there, that seem to make all the difference in keeping my projects on track. Suddenly, I’m done with them, and I’ve been less grumpy with train schedules and other annoyances in the process. Double win!

west_elm 050

We tend to open up the holiday a bit more than it’s name suggests and refer it as World Wide Craft in Public Day! Whether you knit, crochet, or do anther craft, it’s great to do it among others in a public place. You never know who you’ll meet!

This year, Knit Picks is holding what we’re calling a “Knit Pick-nic” for Craft in Public Day. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area and want to join us for some outdoor crafting, we’ll be in Sellwood Park (picnic area H). We’ll have prize packs for the first 100 or so friends that join us, a meet and greet with local designers, and so much fun in general! You can find all of the details on the Knit Picks Facebook page HERE.

If you’re not in our area, we hope you’ll craft in public where ever you might reside. Handmade items among members of your community – who can resist?

(photo is from the Knit Picks Holiday Craft Party at West Elm, this past Winter)

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3 Favorite Knit Picks Books

I have a great affinity for the books we publish ourselves here at Knit Picks. I’ve attended the photo shoots for them, been witness to the proof reading of them in the office, and have received copies of the gorgeous finished books, themselves. It’s definitely one of the things that I want to show customers the most – the gorgeous quality of these books, and the great patterns contained within them. So, I was excited when I heard we were having a promo where, if you spend $25, you can pick out a Knit Picks book, for free! Since there’s only a couple more days left of the promo, I thought I’d highlight my favorite 3 books. There’s so many good ones, it’s really hard to choose!


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Podcast 251: The Cutest Thing I Ever Made: LISTEN NOW!


Have you ever made something so cute, you can still hear the “oohs” and “ahhhs” from everyone who saw it? This episode is devoted to cute knit and crochet – things you wear, decorations, and handmade stuffed friends to keep or give away. We hear from Anna Hrachovec, popular designer of knitted toys, about her career in knitting, pattern writing, and fine art, and her new book, “Adventures in Mochimochi Land” (pictured above). We’ll also hear from podcast listeners about the cutest thing they’ve ever knit, and the relationships these things have fostered in their own lives. Knit Picks Director Alison Backus also gives us her top 3 tips when crafting stuffies.   See below, for more cuteness!
3 easy ways to listen…


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Stuff We Love: Bee Naturals Cuticle & Nail Oil

knit picks sale product review

Knitting, crocheting, weaving and spinning are all what we call handcrafts, major emphasis on the hand part of that description so maintenance is the name of the game! You can’t work your magic without healthy, happy hands and the Bee Naturals Cuticle and Nail Oil is just the ticket for strong nails. I like to rub a good coating on each nail just before bed so that it has plenty of time to soak in and hydrate. I can’t get enough of the fresh, herby lemon, lavender and tea tree oil scent and I absolutely find myself looking forward to my little nighttime routine! It’s such a calming way to end the day and I know my hands will be in tip-top shape when I wake up. Save 40% off with our tool sale!

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June 2015 Wallpaper Calendar

Whether you’re switching over to smaller, portable projects or getting a jump start on your projects for fall, we know that your needles and hooks are always by your side – even during the start of summer!

To get the free calendar background of your choosing (for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!



Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015


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IDP Pattern Round-Up: Hats!

I am a hat fiend – I constantly have a hat on my needles or hook, no matter the weather. And with it getting warmer out, hats are a perfect project – small, portable and quick – and when the cooler weather comes along, you’ll be all set with keeping your noggin warm! We’ve had some really fun new IDP hat patterns recently and I thought I’d highlight a few.

First of all, I immediately cast on Stana Sortor‘s newest pattern, Bicycle Hat.


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Get a free ball of Chroma!

Give your yarn stash some love with a free ball of Chroma*, our favorite shade-shifting yarn! Available in both fingering and worsted weight yarn, you can create stunning colorful projects with minimal effort – the yarn does the hard part for you! The colors move gently through a single ply, creating subtly blended and shaded sections.

Wanna know how to get in on this colorful deal? First -do a bit of shopping ($25+), then add your favorite color of Chroma to the shopping cart and then enter CHROMA at checkout! It’s that easy and the one ball of Chroma is yours, for free!

knit picks promo code

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