Podcast Call For Entries: Getting Published


Have you ever been published in a knitting publication? Have you published patterns on Ravelry, or elsewhere, to an interesting result? We’d love to hear about it for our next podcast. Submit your stories to podcast@knitpicks.com, and if we use your entry, you’ll receive a “charm pack” of our favorite Knit Picks yarn.

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Twelve Weeks of Gifting: The Impressionist Afghan

For the fifth week of our Twelve Weeks of Gifting, where we bring you free patterns available for one week only, we’re offering up the Impressionist Afghan pattern! Knit up in a gradient of Stroll Tweed colors held double, this blanket has wonderful drape, and is the perfect size for staying cozy on the couch. The pattern features simple garter stitch for the body and a lovely leaf motif for the border, a perfect project to keep you company while you work through your favorite movies this fall! The Impressionist Afghan is free through next Tuesday, so grab a copy and check back next Wednesday for the sixth pattern in our series!

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Learn to Knit Club: Meet Your Teacher, Stacey!

Are you new to knitting, or do you have a friend who’s been wanting to learn for a while now? Our new Learn to Knit Kits come in three levels, perfect for beginners of all levels. Each kit contain needles, yarn, a yarn needle, an instruction booklet, and a pin to wear when you’ve completed your project, all in a handsome box great for storage or giving. We also have tutorials for each of these kits, so any new knitter will be instructed by a Knit Picks staff member, each step of the way. The scarf pattern in our Level 2 kit was written by Stacey, who also teaches the class!


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Staff Projects: Finished Fall Knits

Here at the Knit Picks’ office, several of us have been in a finishing frenzy! It seems like every other week, we’re admiring a newly finished project while planning and rearranging our own pattern queues.

And in that spirit of sharing inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite recently finished knits that have been spotted at the Knit Picks’ office.

1. Jenny: The Rockefellar Cardigan

As soon as I had a few balls of Tuff Puff yarn in my hands, I knew what was in store for me: a giant, puffy cardigan. And it was off to the bookshelves for me – searching for the perfect pattern which I ended up finding in an older book: Twinkle’s Big City Knits by Wenlan Chia.

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9 Things We’re Loving for October

October is in full swing, which means it’s time for all things black and orange! We’ve rounded up our favorite spook-tacular treats for this special Halloween edition of our monthly style guide.
Knit Picks October Guide

1. Pumpking Dishcloth>> 2. Selfish Care Tag Labels>> 3. Big Cozy Yarn in Cobblestone Heather>> 4. Entwined Tall Mug>> 5. Sitting Pretty Shawlette>> 6. Palette Yarn in Black>>
7. Entwined Small Bag>> 8. Round Safety Eyes, 6mm size>> 9. Swish Worsted Yarn in Orange

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Introducing Big Art Knits!


I’m so excited to present my first-ever pattern collection, Big Art Knits! When we were planning collections for 2016, one of my suggestions was a collection that used really big, bulky yarns. I love how quickly they work up, the texture you get from even simple stitches, and just their big, oversized nature. They’ve got a lot of drama and a little goes a long way. That’s why they’re so perfect for home goods-they add a cozy feeling without overwhelming a room.

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Learn to Knit Club: Meet Your Teacher, Hannah!

Last week we launched 3 exciting new projects that we’ve been working on for months now, our Learn to Knit Kits! There’s a kit for beginners of every level. Level 1 teaches you how to make a dishcloth (with enough yarn to make a few of them, in 3 different colors). Level 2 teaches you how to make a beautiful (and washable!) four color scarf, and Level 3 teaches you how to make a hat on two needles.  These kits have all the supplies you need, plus a handy full color booklet teaching you everything you need to know, and a pin to wear once you’ve completed your project!  Best of all, should you be a visual learner, we’re offering tutorial classes for each kit. In the tutorials, a member of the Knit Picks staff takes you, step by step, through every technique you’ll need to know to complete your project. Best of all, the classes are free on our site!


We thought it might be fun for you to meet the teachers of these classes. So this week, we’re featuring Hannah! Hannah is our Catalog Director here at Knit Picks. She wrote the pattern for the Learn to Knit Club Hat, and she teaches the tutorial class on making the hat. From casting on to ribbing, decreasing, and seaming, Hannah’s got it covered!  I asked her a few questions related to her own personal love of craft. You can find her answers, below!

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