Toy Extras: Snacks for Hungry Sloths

We are so excited about our new toy collections!! Cute, Cuter, Cutest: Toys to Love in 3 Sizes feature either knit or crochet toys in different weight yarns,  so that you can craft little (or not so little) toys for young (or not so young) toy lovers in your life. For the next 4 weeks on the blog, we’re going to feature some cute add-on patterns that might be adorable when made with (or rather, for, ahem) these toys. What stuffed knit toy doesn’t need a toy to play with, right?

knit toys

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Podcast Call for Entries: The Cutest Thing I Ever Made

Do you like to knit and crochet cute things? Do you love stuffed animals with lots of personality or hats that illicit an, “Awwww…” from everyone who sees them? We’re looking for interesting stories of cute things, handmade. What did you make, and what did you do with it? Did you ever make anything you thought was cute, only to have others think it was not so charming? Email your stories to …

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Choosing the Perfect Project for Fingering Weight Yarns

Stroll Tonal and Handpainted Colors

This time of year, with summer just around the corner, many knitter and crocheters put away their bulky wool yarns and pick up lighter weight yarns for projects. Socks, shawls, light scarves, tees – all much nicer to have on the lap than a bulky weight afghan! With the release of our new Stroll Tonal and Stroll Handpainted Yarn colors, we thought this would be a good time to go over our different types of fingering weight yarns and the perfect projects for each yarn.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Ever Practical

Bouquets are beautiful, but they wilt and wither away after a few days. Chocolate lasts minutes before the box is empty and cards are everywhere during the holidays. My favorite gifts to give/receive are ones that last a little longer and create new experiences with their use. Yarn for a new project, a set of brand new needles or a collection of patterns to browse and work on over the next year will be lasting memories just as the act of making a present for someone brings them to mind constantly. My first pick is one of our Beginner Blanket Kits! Six different Preciosa color palettes (plus a cute tote) go with our beginner friendly, swoon-worthy knit and crochet blanket patterns.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Back to basics

Knitting is something my mother is very familiar with – she grew up with her mother to look up to who was an incredible seamstress and an accomplished knitter. And even now, my mom will casually knit a scarf during the winter season.

This is why I think a care package of beginner basics would be perfectly suited for my mom and it just might tempt her to keep knitting past winter into the warmer months!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Knitters knit picks bare yarn

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Book Sale Round-up: Small Projects

We’re finally approaching days of warmer weather filled with beach visits, time in the backyard, and long car or plane rides. What do you like to knit in Summer? I like smaller projects – things in smaller bags that I can tuck into a beach bag or suitcase. I like to stash bust in warmer months too, so that, come September, I am ready to tackle that Fall sweater or other large project. So today, I’m highlighting 3 books with great small projects that you might want to consider. It’s the last day of book sale! At 40% off, one of these books might just have the perfect patterns to see you through the warmer months of kntting and crochet.


Fans of Jane Richmond will love Island, her collection of 5 unique designs inspired by the spirit of adventure. You’ll find fingerless mitts and hats to see you through days of hiking and cool nights on the beach. You may remember Emily, our Graphic Designer, knitted a mesh scarf from the collection, and loved it! You’ll find great patterns presented in a cool and fashionable way – and it’s a smaller book, easily tucked into your project bag!

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May 2015 Wallpaper Calendar

We’re dreaming of warm-weather adventures and weekend trips to the coast now that May is officially here! To help usher in the gradual transition to summer, we’ve got a fresh new wallpaper calendar for you featuring Shine - our cotton and modal blend yarn.

To get the free calendar background of your choosing (for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

May 2015 wallpaper calendar

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Life of Luxury

My mom and I have very different tastes, but we both really like to knit. When I knit, almost always seamlessly, I can hear her say, “What’s wrong with seaming?”. When I use only circular needles, I can hear her say, “What’s wrong with straights? That’s how we’ve always knitted!” She likes books with bold designs, and fibers with lots of flare, and that’s what makes this craft great: we can all be so different and come together over the beauty of the craft. My mother does not knit for practical purposes. She knits to make herself luxury items, and she wears them in bold combinations. For Mother’s Day, I think my mom would love:


1. Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting on Top of the World”. I recall her saying at one point, “Even if you don’t make any of the things in these books, they are just so gorgeous to look at”. Like a fashion magazine with patterns, this book is right up her alley.

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