Knitting & Crochet Tool Sale: Up to 40% Off!

Last week marked the start of our biggest and best tool sale, ever! With savings up to 40% off on over 800 accessories, there is definitely something for every knitter and crocheter. It’s also an amazing time to stock up your craft room with those essentials that just always seem to vanish into thin air (…I’m looking at you, tapestry needles and stitch markers)! But the deals don’t stop at small essentials, there are also handy baskets and boxes for yarn storage as well as cases to keep your needles and hooks happy.


Not sure where to start with so many goodies to choose from? We’ve put together a quick list of out top ten must have tools (all at big time savings)!

1. Kacha Kacha Knitting Counter
The practical solution to the “what row was I on?” dilemma! This cute knitting counter has a name that is as fun to say as it is to use. And with each click, you’ll hear a satisfying “kacha” to let you know that another row is complete. Toss one in your knitting bag with your work-in-progress, and you’ll always be on track. 82656

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Crochet the Jazz Age Washcloth!

Have you downloaded the Jazz Age Crochet Washcloth pattern yet? I have, and like many people somewhat new to crochet, I was not very confident that I have what it takes to make one. If this sounds like you, fear no more! We have a new video tutorial that will teach you all the key steps to crocheting your very own Jazz Age Washcloth. So grab some yarn (any will do, though the pattern suggests CotLin and that’s what Jenny uses for the video), a crochet hook (we use a 4mm hook, though gauge isn’t so important for a washcloth), watch the tutorial, and complete your very own Jazz Age Washcloth!

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Three Patterns for the Weekend from Take It Easy

Embrace comfort knitting with the six tops in our new collection, Take it Easy! These patterns are perfect for weekend brunches, backyard gatherings, getting tea with a friend, or anytime you want a sophisticated look with minimal fuss. Touches of lace, cables, and delicate mesh keep the knitting interesting while shorter sleeves mean you’ll be able to finish these garments in no time. In the spirit of “springier” weather, I thought I’d share three of my favorite patterns from our fabulous new collection!

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Take Your Child To Work Day

Featuring Guest Blogger Theodore Fish

April 28 was National Take Your Child To Work Day, and we participated here at Knit Picks by inviting my ten year old son Theo to our office for the day. He was very excited to spend the day with us, and we’ve asked him to write about his experience in today’s blog post.

Take your child to work day

Take Your Kid To Work Day

~by Theodore~

This is about my adventure visiting my Mom’s work and office! I got to see all the offices and different jobs that people do there. I got to help out with some of the jobs and did a good job at it. My mom said I was very fast!

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May 2016 Calendar

Spring has arrived and it’s making our world a bit more colorful thanks to all of the flowers that are in full bloom! Taking our cues from nature, this month’s calendar shows off soft shades inspired by the old adage: April showers bring May flowers. We hope you enjoy this spectrum of pastel hues as much as we do!

To get the free May 2016 calendar background of your choosing (for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

Knit Picks May 2016 Calendar

Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015
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Book Sale Feature: Celebrating Maine!

There seems to be a hotbed of knitting talent in the state of Maine, doesn’t there? Perhaps it’s a crafty place where the weather is conducive to a hot drink and a knitting project by the fire. Here are 3 knitting books by Maine authors. With 40% off all books in our (soon to be ending) book sale, you might just want to pick one (or a few) up, and travel to Maine through the craft of knitting!


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Podcasts to Queue While you Craft

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I’m back with some new podcast recommendations! Last November I did a post with some of my favorite feeds to listen to while I knit/weave/crochet/cook/clean/drive/do all the things. It’s definitely time to dive in to my enormous list of ‘casts for an update. I have two crafty-themed suggestions and two story-based podcasts just for you when you click through to the rest of the post!

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