More pink, please!

In a utopian world, in which wars are a thing of the past, spiders cease to exist and cupcakes have the nutritional value of kale, I would get to wear pink, girly accessories with sweat pants.

Oh my, did I just dream utopia into reality? Because I just finished a lovely, feminine cowl out of our silky new Diadem yarn and – yes, you guessed it – it looks smashing with my faithful sweatshirt.
Diadem Fingering Cowl
I started with single crochet, then moved on to half double crochet for the remaining two thirds of the cowl.
Diadem Fingering Cowl
I love how the bright punch of the pink Tourmaline against the white Diamond, along with the graphical blocks of color, infuse the cowl a bold, modern flair.
Diadem Fingering Cowl
Diadem Fingering Cowl
Diadem Fingering Cowl
Diadem is delicious delight to work with! I’m not going to buy a billboard and predict the future, but I DO strongly suspect this Christmas many of my family members will be receiving soft accessories crafted from this velvety yarn!

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