Kitties and Knitters (plus a giveaway!)

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We hang our heads in shame.

Yesterday (October 29th) was National Cat Day and we completely missed it. I would normally take any opportunity to yak about kitties – either about my own or the cats & kittens I hang out with when I volunteer at Pixie Project.


My kitty Rorschach, surrounded by yarn.

Well even if it is a few days late, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite kitty related crafty things anyway!

So it’s pretty obvious I was really excited about our new little design that Heidi created – the Yarn Kittens!


We have these little kitties on buttons, tote bags & project bags and they are just adorable.  I am currently wearing my kitty button at work today in fact!

Another kitty project I’ve probably mentioned before is Angela Modzelewski’s adorable Kitty Cat Hat & Mitts.  I just love it – I even made a set for my niece a year or so ago. It might be a little late for your Halloween costume but I think these are adorable for any time of year.

Finally, we have a couple of adorable books for serious cat lovers – Knitted Cats & Kittens by Sue Stratford and Knit Your Own Cat by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne.


Both of these books are sweet & funny – perfect (or maybe purrrrrfect) for all cat lovers or, especially this time of year, gift ideas for any kitty lover on your list.  I love making little toys so, in flipping through these books, I’ve earmarked several I want to cast on immediately.

In fact, I have an extra copy of each of these books that I would love to give away to a fellow kitty lover.  Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me about your kitty (or if you don’t have one, a favorite cat you know).  I’ll randomly draw 2 winners who will each win one of these books!

Rules: One entry per person. Must have a US or Canada mailing address. No purchase necessary. All comments must be posted on THIS blog post. Comments on other blog posts or on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Ravelry, etc.) will not be valid for this contest. We will close the comments at 7am PST November 4th) and select a winner soon after!

As a note, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away – because of not-very-nice spammers that slip through our filters, we need to approve each comment. So there might be delay, especially over the weekend – but don’t worry, we’ll get your entry!


  1. Dallas Dotter / November 1, 2013

    Being a teacher I am always looking to learn new techniques or to be challenged. I also have two cats I would love to immortalize in yarn. My big boys Boo (named after Boo-Boo kitty from Laverne and Shirley), and Gus named after a canary.(no, he didn’t eat him).

  2. Ruthanna Baker / November 1, 2013

    I do not own a cat myself, but I have always wanted one(or two or…..). I have a friend who has a very interesting cat. The cats name is flower because she looks like the skunk in the movie Bambi.

  3. Cheryl P / November 1, 2013

    I have 3 wonderful cats. Each one of them says Mama and one still curls up with me to sleep with his nose in my ear. So relaxing to hear his purr as he lulls me back to sleep!

  4. Christine / November 1, 2013

    A cat with no litter box – what could be more perfect?

  5. Jo / November 1, 2013

    Tommy used to look both ways before he crossed the street.

  6. sandra hammons / November 1, 2013

    My owner-a beautiful soft long haired black cat- would love for me to knit her a friend.

  7. Renee Sousa / November 1, 2013

    My kitty story is about Twinkie. She came to me with her 2 brothers at the age of about 2 hours, yes hours old. I am a veterinary technician and a client found them near their house as an exterminator was treating their foundation for pests.
    They were orphaned and cold. I went about warming them and getting nourishment into them via a feeding tube into the stomach.
    Sadly, Twinkie’s two brothers did not live beyond three days.
    Twinkie however did well and was a real fighter.
    She is now 13 weeks old and thriving!
    She came with me every day to work until last week. She can now stay home and run the house while I’m at work, haha.
    The only problem, everyone at work has a Twinkie addiction since they also were involved in her care and cheered her on.
    She is such a delight. Our whole family loves Twinkie! We are also addicts!!!

  8. Laurie / November 1, 2013

    I had two black and white cats when I was a kid — Hoover and Puff!

  9. Stephanie Fujimoto / November 1, 2013

    Kitty cat books yay!!

  10. Mary in Indy / November 1, 2013

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Come to Mary.

  11. Eileen Sharkey / November 1, 2013

    Tualha needs to be knitted – with coal black, silky yarn. She tolerates me because I know how to open cat food cans!

  12. Kathy Carlton / November 1, 2013

    I do not have a cat
    I’m so sorry about that!
    But, i can tell you this,

  13. faith / November 1, 2013

    my owner is Pye Wacket a blue point Tonkenese. She lets me know when I come home that I have been gone toooo long and she is in need of a lap with yarn in it ASAP or someone may get hurt! She start life as a stray and now shops in my stash I have caught her on tape doing this…….

  14. R.Joan Summey / November 1, 2013

    I’ve knitted mice and crocheted horses so I would love to knit my own kitties since we have lost both of our loving kitties: Frosty the white one who left white hair on my black clothes and Shadow who used to leave black hair on my white and light colored clothes. always a mark of affection!

  15. Kathy Carlton / November 1, 2013

    I do not own a cat,
    and I can say, I’m sorry about that,
    However, I would like to sit and sit and sit

  16. Sharon Watkins / November 1, 2013

    I share my home with a clowder of three blue-eyed cats: Liz, a.k.a. Lizardbreath, the Empress Elizabeth or Madame Krankenstein, who is a 14-year-old grande dame; Chevy, a.k.a. Weinie Whiskers, who is a 5-year-old Tommie; and Silverman, a.k.a. Tidy Cat, who is a 2-ish-year-old Yeti tomcat with feet the width of three of my fingers. They are all mixed breeds with tabby points in various shades of grey, white, cream and brown. The baby, Silverman, is the largest at 15 pounds and still growing into his big feet.

  17. Kathy Carlton / November 1, 2013

    I do not own a cat,
    and let me say, I’m sorry about that,
    however, I would like to sit and sit and sit,
    and a cat or kittie I would love to knit!
    My family has had cats in the past. Currently I have Maggie, the Shih Tzu, and my brother has two cats, Ollie and Sammi. Cats are funny because they are so unpredictable. Still haven’t figured how they get into those tine spaces they hid in!

  18. Linnea Wright / November 1, 2013

    I love all kitties! Have knit a few, and rats stuffed with catnip for my cats.

  19. Pat Dressler / November 1, 2013

    I grew up with cats, but instead have a ShihTzu dog, Sasha. However, my knitting friend/instructor (Keeta) has a really cute rescue cat named Greta who is very sweet. She was shy at first meeting, but now even sits on the couch with me when I visit. So I get to enjoy my “cat friendship” whenever I have a knitting lesson or just visiting my friend. If I’m fortunate enough to win, I’ll be giving the book to my special friend.

  20. Paula / November 1, 2013

    We have spent the past 26 years sharing our life with cats. Buster & Calvin love to help me knit, so I know that they would love for me to be able to knit them a new friend! Thank you for the opportunity to make my cats happy!

  21. Natalie / November 1, 2013

    We rescued two kitties in April of this year. My two darling daughters LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sugar and Sonya. The cats are brother and sister respectively and are so funny. Sugar is the big brother and protective. Sonya is an amazing acrobat. I know that she will teach some of her tricks to big brother. It is soooooo adorable to see the 2 girls and the 2 kitties curled up together enjoying great books!

  22. Carolyn / November 1, 2013

    George is my MIL’s cat. He is a big fat white & grey tom. He likes to get on his cat tree and hang his head off backwards so he can see the world upside down,

  23. lynda Joy Brennum / November 1, 2013

    I could knit kats and needle felt dogs! Loving the 2 books and the yarn bag… I plan to order “Little felted animals”. Would love to knit cats for all my feline friends! This message was cat approved by Meme’ and Gabby!! 2 paws up…

  24. Karen Martinez / November 1, 2013

    Love cats! We’re up to our eyeballs in dogs right now, but would be more than happy to make room for some more kitties! Good luck to all who enter!

  25. Ann / November 1, 2013

    I volunteer at a cat shelter and these projects would make great gifts for fellow cat peeps.

  26. Kathy Cook / November 1, 2013

    I would love to have these books for my sister for Christmas. I am knitting up the Carter Cat pattern I bought for you and the books would be perfect with him!

  27. priscilla romero / November 1, 2013

    My daughters and my granddaughter can’t have cats. So there is a lot of stuffed animals. They can’t hold a candle to the knitted one you show. I would love to knit a cat for each of them. Your patterns rock!! Bonus is, no litter boxes to clean.

  28. Judi Van Blargan / November 1, 2013

    My cat’s name is Pyewacket, Pye for Short. He is named after the cat in an old Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novack Movie, Bell, Book and Candle. The cat won the Patsy Award, an animal Academy Award, in 1959.

  29. Kadie / November 1, 2013

    My favorite cat will always be my very first cat Oreo. She was a tuxedo cat that my dad and I saved from a rescue center. She was such a sweet cat and had a personality of her own. Oreo loved playing fetch with cat nip mice and waking me up in the morning by sticking her nose in my eye. Oreo has been gone for 4 years now but I miss her and think of her all the time, lucky for me Oreo still visits me in my dreams.

  30. Michelle / November 1, 2013

    Aww, so cute! I don’t have a kitty, but I adore the kitties that all our friends have.

  31. Wendy W / November 1, 2013

    We have 4 cats at home, and each is their own special personality. Our black and white greets me at the top of the stairs every day when I come home from work. They’re all so sweet, but in their own ways. Our kitten shows us her love by biting us (she’s a feral rescue). I would love to be able to knit up little replicas of each of them!

  32. Cara / November 1, 2013

    I’ve been eyeing those knit-a-cat books!
    I currently have a cat that loooooves hugs, but is also a major hunter.

  33. Laura G / November 1, 2013

    My daughter loves cats and is just learning to crochet & knit. This would be purrfect for her!

  34. Isabel Fougere / November 1, 2013

    My boys would love customized kitties. And I would love a kitty that would always cuddle at bed time – mine usually come to bed later…

  35. Joanna / November 1, 2013

    I had two great cats growing up, but I have to explain Meower. That cat had a sleeping position to match every one of mine, and he would hop in the shower with me all time time for some reason. My favorite memory of him though was when I was laying on the couch and whispered “cat”, out of the abyss of the house my cat ran towards me coo-ing. We sadly had to put him down two years ago and I miss him dearly.

  36. Lori Uvaas / November 1, 2013

    In history cats have long been thought to bring good luck and prosperity. I knit money kitties. A little kitty shaped coin purse. I’m sure You have heard the saying “put your money in the kitty”

  37. Phyllis M Salisbury / November 1, 2013

    Our two kitties ( both rescue cats) are 13 and 5 yrs. old. Hank and Bunny travel with us in our motorhome everywhere we go. Our four boys are grown and now our kitties are our new children.

  38. Brittany / November 1, 2013

    I love kittens and cats! I call them min-mins:)

  39. Carole / November 1, 2013

    When I met my husband, I did not like cats and he had one that he insisted join our family. I would knit or crochet every night while the cat crossed my lap constantly so I would notice her. Finally I put my needlework down, began petting the cat and from then on, she belonged to me and I loved her dearly and I miss her terribly.

  40. Danette / November 1, 2013

    I would love to have these books. what fun it would be to knit a few cats!

  41. susan c. / November 1, 2013

    Both my cats passed away this year and I miss them terribly.

  42. Ellen Last / November 1, 2013

    My cat JoJo loves to play with my yarn. Not sure how she would respond to knitted kitties but I’d love to find out!

  43. Elizabeth Spragins / November 1, 2013

    My kitty Samantha is a serious yarn lover. She has outstanding taste and likes to dive into my yarn basket and extract the most expensive skein, which she proceeds to carry around in her mouth. We moved recently, and she has been “helping” with the unpacking by raiding boxes and dragging skeins of yarn to the bedroom. Maybe she is hinting that she wants me to knit her a sweater for Christmas?

  44. Sheila / November 1, 2013

    My kitties name is Corky. He is a Bengal tiger breed and thinks he is a person!! He loves to sit on my lap while I am knitting.

  45. Nancy Swift / November 1, 2013

    My cat, Scarlett, is very independent, but whenever I have a migraine, she is always right at my side, or to be exact, on my side! If I lay down on my side while having a migraine, Scarlett curls up next to my heart ♥. If I lay on my back, she climbs into my ‘lap’ and sleeps there. She is so special, I would love to recreate her in yarn. (P.S. Scarlett is solid black with gorgeous green eyes – like Scarlet O’Hara!)

  46. Barbara B. / November 1, 2013

    Our kitty is such a sweetie. She loves to visit with me. Every question that I ask her, she answers. I would love to knit a cat that looks like her. She is a gray tabby and her name is Princess. She was a foundling that we rescued when she was only 5 weeks old. She was nearly starved to death but she is healthy and active at 11 years of age now.

  47. Joan / November 1, 2013

    I would love the knit your kitty book as I have a kitty and i have the knit your dog book to knit my greyhounds.

  48. LeAnn / November 1, 2013

    I’ll need extra-big skeins to knit our two “kitties”: Mittens weighs 17 lbs and is only a little tubby; Simba tips the scales at 21 lbs with his manly little tummy!

  49. Ginger Shirley / November 1, 2013

    How adorable!! I, like all the other cat lovers who have left comments, would LOVE to be one of the lucky names drawn! As I speak, I have two of my babies, Max and Sheldon, curled up on or beside me on the couch. Each of my boys have another of our wonderful adopted kitty cats on their laps in the recliners (Christy and Bella Lou Who) while Princess Midnight and Penny crash in a moving box. Family night on Fridays is fabulous with all 6 of our furry kids watching TV with us!!

  50. Traci Kennedy / November 1, 2013

    I would love either of these kitty books, my youngest adores cats, but our dogs would not be a good mix. This would be perfect under the tree (the finished object I mean!)