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When we first started the planning stages of our two new kitchen collections, my mind was swimming with ideas! I am admittedly a Pinterest addict, so it’s no surprise that I kept stumbling across mason jar cozies. Once I had decided on the idea for a set of jar cozies, I did many many swatches of different patterns in Curio but ultimately settled on a cute lace chevron motif.

I loved how the sections of stockinette really allowed the lace chevron motif to stand out while adding a modern touch. I store a lot of baking supplies in mason jars of all sizes and I really enjoyed adding a decorative element to things that would normally be tucked away in the cabinets. Now, I have a few jars filled with pantry staples like sugar and various spices – all adorned with colorful cozies!

But these jars aren’t just for your kitchen, I am planning on scattering these around my living room as candle holders filled with tea lights!

I used Curio for the cozies and I loved working with it, plus it blocked out beautifully! I had so much fun working on this kitchen collection and I hope you all enjoy these patterns as much as I do.

You can find the Chevron Mason Jar Cozy pattern here:

Chevron Mason Jar Cozy

And you can find the Retro Kitchen collection here:

Retro Kitchen eBook

Retro Kitchen printed book

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