Hudson’s Bay Inspired Dishcloth

Hudson’s Bay stripes are an absolute classic, known as much for being hard-wearing as they are beautiful. This dishcloth celebrates the spirit of modern simplicity with stockinette stitch in four colors of “Dishie” yarn. Make this dishcloth as written, or extend the off-white color “swan” to a longer length, repeat the stripes, and make a lovely hand towel!


I found one more use for this handy pattern….


It’s a blanket for my toddler’s nap rabbit! Also recommended for mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs, maybe :).  If you’d like to relax with some easy knitting, and craft yourself a whimsical dishtowel inspired by Hudson’s Bay blankets, please download the pattern here:

Hudson’s Bay Inspired Dishcloth

You can find the rest of the free dishcloth patterns in the series, here:

52 Weeks of Dishcloths

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