Fruity Loops Dishcloth

Start your day off right with a dishcloth of deliciously intense fruit flavors. Made with whole cotton fiber and lightly sweetened, Fruity Loops makes dish washing fun, and is a complete source of rainbow cheer.

Fruity Loops Dishcloth

The star stitch is not only fun and relatively simple, but also crochets along very quickly. It creates a wonderfully textured stitch and thick, sturdy fabric.

I worked up this dishcloth in a Dishie cotton rainbow, but it would look great in other color combos or single color schemes.

Dishie cotton rainbow

Left to right: Fiesta Red, Clementine, Creme Brulee, Honeydew, Azure, Aster

P.S. Do I earn extra crafting points for the mildly-entertaining pun in the name Fruity Loops? Get it? Loops? Crochet loops. Ha ha ha ha.


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