Firefly Dishcloth

In my mind, it’s Spring and I’m preparing for a long camping season here in the Pacific Northwest. At the campsite, I sit by the fire, turning my foil-wrapped potato on a stick and stirring my pot of baked beans slowly, relaxing with my husband and kids. After dinner, I wash the pots and pans with homemade dishcloths inspired by my surroundings.


In reality, I don’t do any of this. I don’t camp, my husband is scared of most animals, and my kids have never slept under the stars. I can make the dishcloths, though! This stitch pattern reminds me of fireflies and butterflies and all the great creatures of summer (mosquitos not included). I hope you’ll make it, and use it to inspire your outdoor fantasies this season!


Find it here:
Firefly Dishcloth
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