The Finished Rainbow Blanket

The best part of this blanket? It’s a rainbow. A giant, glorious, radiant rainbow. The second best part? It’s a freakin’ rainbow.

Wool of the Andes Rainbow Blanket

I used our classic Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian wool yarn. It’s sturdy, soft and comes in slew of rainbow-ready colors.

Wool of the Andes yarnFor yarn image above:

Top row, left to right: Red, Golden Heather, Creme Brulee, Green Tea Heather, Jalapeno
Bottom row, left to right: Whirlpool, Celestial, Columbine, Fairy Tale
Wool of the Andes Rainbow BlanketWool of the Andes Rainbow Blanket

I absolutely adore this pattern. The two-toned color sections beautifully emphasize the color gradation to create a stunning rainbow blanket. Each yarn color is used twice: once as the base color, then again as the accent for the transition to the next color block. After you get the hang of the stitch, it’s a breeze!

My color combos:
First row: Start with Fairy Tale, add Columbine
Second Row: Continue with Columbine, add Celestial
Third Row: Continue with Celestial, add Whirlpool
Fourth Row: Continue with Whirlpool, add Jalapeno
Fifth Row: Continue with Jalapeno, add Green Tea Heather
Sixth Row: Continue with Green Tea Heather, add Creme Brulee
Seventh Row: Continue with Creme Brulee, add Golden Heather
Eighth Row: Continue with Golden Heather, add Red

Wool of the Andes Rainbow Blanket
Wool of the Andes Rainbow Blanket

14 thoughts on “The Finished Rainbow Blanket

  1. where can I get the pattern as I am moving into a house without carpet and would like to use it as a floor matt.

  2. Just discovered this blanket the other day and tried it with a different brand of worsted yarn – yuck! I only got halfway down the 2nd row before I realized I was insane and needed Knitpicks yarn instead. :D Love how this turned out – great job!

  3. How much did you use of each and what does the finished blanket measure……. I LOVE this and have a friend who is expecting and this would make a lovely gift…… Thanks

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