(K)needing Knucks

This weekend as I was riding my bike, I realized how ragged my beloved Knucks have gotten.  Given I knit them over 4 years ago and wear them constantly, it’s not much of a surprise.  It’s funny, I own several pairs of fingerless mitts but I always seem to lose one (sadly, my Pint Mitts is one of them) – but not my original pair of Knucks. In any case, I decided it was time for a new pair.

I’ve made multiple pairs of Knucks over the years – it seems to be the pattern I turn to I make when I need a gift. They work well for everyone and so useful!  I personally need to wear fingerless gloves when doing activities such as biking in cold weather – my hands get cold but I need my fingers free to switch gears and fingerless gloves keep my hands much warmer than fingerless mitts (like my Semplice Mitts, which I do wear a lot as well).  And the Knucks pattern is just so much fun.

I dug in my stash for an appropriate yarn and decided on Wool of the Andes in the beautiful Mineral Heather (fun fact: I loved this color so much when we had it in the old Telemark yarn line and felt it was my mission to get it in Wool of the Andes when we discontinued Telemark).


The Coziest Granny Square Blanket

I’m free! The holidays have passed and I have wrapped and mailed the
very last of the knit things since I last posted. But now that’s all
done with (until my mid-July panic about making presents begins again)
and now I can move on to projects that I’ve squirrelled away for quieter
times. I have a box of the special buy Chroma Worsted stashed since this year’s Cyber Monday sale (oh all those lovely blues!) which I’ve finally been able to start dipping into.


Oh my Biggo!

We’re going a little Biggo
crazy here – if you get our emails (you should!), you’ll know that for
this week, every order over $5 gets you a free hank of squishy,
delectable Biggo yarn!

But what can you do with just one hank, you ask? Well, at 110 yards per 100 gram hank, it doesn’t seem like much – but with Biggo,
a little goes a long way. For instance, it’s plenty enough for some
fatty mittens, a fluffy earflap hat, or this double seed stitch scarf
I’m making for my niece!


Hearts Forever!

A certain little lady has requested a heart scarf in pink or purple for
the holidays. After much hemming and hawing over yarn I finally settled
on Dolly in Stroll Hand Painted and White in Stroll Sport.
I wanted to makes sure it would still be pretty easy to wash
(especially after I imagined it getting dunked in a sloppy puddle or
dragging on the ground behind her as she runs for the school bus) and
both Strolls are machine washable, perfect for what I had in mind.


This is what happens when I stop baking

I have been committed to a gluten-free diet for about four months. (Medical disclaimer – I am not a doctor)

I decided to give the diet a try after reading blogs covering the gluten-free lifestyle. So far, I have been very happy with my results with one HUGE exception. I absolutely love baking! I don’t necessarily eat everything I bake because I use baked goods as gifts to friends and family. It’s the act of baking that gives me so much pleasure.

It is possible to bake gluten-free at home but I feel like it is just too involved so I’ve given up baking. Would you believe I have had withdrawal symptoms? Not for sugar and calories but for the act of baking. I’ve found myself getting up on Saturday morning having to fight the urge to whip up scones, cookies and a pie. Don’t even get me started on my urges to bake bread.

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I decided to focus on having my knitting and spinning as a healthy way to distract me from baking. As much as I love my fiber world, I’ve been astounded at how it has been an effort to have it replace my baking urges. Once I got myself settled, I did enjoy the the hours of uninterrupted knitting.


Some Quick Projects

All this hot weather hasn’t stopped my needles, but it has put
a size limit on what I’m working on. That means no blankets, sweaters
or scarves until the temperature drops below 75! It’s just too hot and
sticky to be hauling around projects that large, let along having them
in my lap as I work on them. NO thank you.

Instead, I’ve been delving into my stash of quick projects. Over the last three days I started and finished a pair of Matilde Skår’s Abra Alba Wrist Warmers, made a Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys white bunny to go with my little vegetable garden from two weeks ago and cast on some nice, plain black Capretta fingerless mittens from the Knitting Venture’s Leap! pattern. And it’s only Wednesday!