Prepping for Sock Summit with Rigid Heddle weaving

A few months ago we began to carry Kromsk spinning wheels and rigid heddle looms.
As our rainy, chilly winter weather continued up through last weekend, I
succumbed to the temptation of the 36″ loom sitting in Alison’s

I wove a lot right after graduating from college. No, I’m not going
to give you specific dates. Let’s just say it has been a very long time
since I sat at a loom full of colorful yarns. But, I have very fond
memories of my woven textiles. 

The first step was to look through my yarn stash at home. Weaving is a wonderful way to use up lots and lots of yarns. Sock Summit
opens next week.I’ve been struggling with the dilemma of having a
rather large stash of fingering weight sock yarns. A good friend
reminded me that weaving uses a lot of yarn. Lots of mixed and matched
yarns. The more varied, the better. So, another justification for me to
take home a rigid heddle loom was to be able to weave up a good chunck
of my fingering weight yarns so that I can go a bit crazy at Sock


A Weaving Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated! This contest is now closed.  To see who won, click here: Winners

I haven’t had a chance to do a contest for a while so when I heard that
we had some weaving prizes to give away, you can imagine my excitement!
Weaving is one of those crafts that I find immensely fascinating.  I
could watch someone weave all day long without blinking — it’s that
intriguing. Uniformity, structure, and tight lines are so appealing to
me so when I see a woven project, I am immediately drawn to it. I mean,
look at this beautiful scarf!