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Fresh Picked Colors

I always love choosing new colors for our yarns, but it's no secret that Palette is my 'baby'. So, when we decided that it was time to make the big move to 150 colors, I set out to not just 'fill in', but add a whole set that not only complements the existing colors but is evocative in itself. And so I am super excited to present our new Palette colors for 2012! The set was inpired by so many things: new growth, delicacy, and the hints of colors that lie at the edges of grey.

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“Demoralizing” is not a word I use lightly; it lives in a secure lockbox and only gets to come out for special occasions. To use in a sentence: Carefully trying to recreate the Gibson Girl hairstyle is demoralizing. Or alternately: Learning to knit, as I’m now openly doing while surrounded by abnormal prodigies in this office, is demoralizing. But pish-posh, I say. You guys have approximately 250% more confidence in my knitting future than I do, which is the OPPOSITE of demoralizing. Now I’m just afraid I’ll let you down! Regardless, I poured over all of your thoughtful comments on my last post and a few major themes emerged: 1.) The internet and its largess of educational wealth is the best thing since sliced bread. 2.) “Girl, it’s just YARN. Use some pretty stuff. Have fun with it! You’ll be fine!” 3.) Practice, practice, practice. 4.) Crocheting creates a different mindset; it’ll take time to rewire your mind for knitting. And there you have it. My biggest mistake thus far is an essential misunderstanding of #4. In setbacks, I’ve been acting as though I’ve failed at “crocheting-with-needles”, as opposed to “knitting”. Yes, all forms of fiber crafting share some similarities and a mutually supportive community, but assuming that a crocheting background would give me an intermediate entrance into knitting is like saying, “I’m fairly adept at volleyball, so I must be decent at water polo”. There’s no gorgeous guarantee that you’ll be able to translate those skills to a different medium, and there’s certainly no way to do so without oceans of practice. In the midst of a challenge, I really like to break momentarily and rest on my laurels. As I knit my first garbled swatch, I repetitively thought: “You can still crochet, you’re okay at crochet, you’re alright at that, you can definitely make nice crocheted scarves, you can make pretty crocheted collars”.

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Modern Romance

Being relatively young, I still have the energy to ask the bland questions: Why should Valentine’s Day matter to us? In this, I mean the Valentine’s Day of you and me---the general, stodgy adults---since I think we can agree that children could never have any objection to candies and little cards and fun days at school. As it’s a time to acknowledge and reward Romance, let’s also give some thought to love-in-actuality and what endures. Now being in a position to look back some, I can say that I’ve forgotten nearly all of my Valentine’s Day gifts through the years. I’ve certainly forgotten all the flowers and candies and trinkets. I’ve forgotten most of the books and records.

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