The Big Sale 2013: My Top 10 Picks!

By now, most of you have noticed the spectacular sale we have going on (our early-to-the-party answer to Cyber Monday). But the downfall of having over 700 yarns on sale? It always feels like you’ve missed something, no?

With that in mind, I’ve highlighted my Top 10 favorites from this year’s big sale—in dramatic ascending order! Please keep in mind that I’m a lady who loves her neutrals (with little pops of jewel-tones here and there).

10) Capra in “Wine”
$7.99 $3.99/50g  –  85% Merino Wool, 15% Cashmere

My favorite reds always look like they belong in a long-stemmed glass; the combination of this with cashmere feels like some pinnacle of luxury.


Crochet Week: Introducing KP Crochet (and a call for suggestions!)

In honor of KP Crochet’s launch, the Knit Picks staff is taking this week to focus on all our favorite, hook-tastic products and projects.

When I began working at Knit Picks, I was fascinated by the way people would knit during office meetings; their focus so smoothly divided, yet free! Now, nearly two years later, there’s something a little different about our meetings:  At any given time, about half the staff whips out crochet projects (yours truly included). Granny stripe blankets, cotton thread lacework, crochet toys, cowls, slippers and shawls—it’s basically a bonanza.




Free Cryptozoology Wallpapers!

Some people have pictures of dear friends, devoted pets or adoring families set as their wallpaper images. HO HUM. Wouldn’t you rather see a knitting Jackalope as your bleary eyes turn to your phone first thing in the morning?

In celebration of our fantastic new pattern collection by Annie Watts, we’re offering free Cryptozoology wallpaper downloads—available in mobile, tablet and desktop sizes. To get the wallpaper size of your choosing, simply click the applicable device icon below your favorite monstrous scene.

And by the way, are there any other dynamite KP photos you wish you could immortalize on your desktop? Leave suggestion in the comments—we’re definitely listening!


Jackalope“, knit in Wool of the Andes worsted yarn jackalope_desktop

mobile tablet desktop



24/7 Bag Giveaway!

I’ll start this giveaway post with an important story that will most likely bore you: Do you love satchels? I do. For Christmas I received (which is to say, “purchased with great selfishness”) a small black satchel which DOES make me look like an awesome British schoolteacher, but DOESN’T actually hold much. Prior to this, I used a gigantic old clunker a la Mary Poppins’s carpetbag; it held everything your mind could imagine and substantially more, it defied laws of nature, and it always had an extra reusable bag tucked in there somewhere.

Moving along: I live in Portland and, as anyone who has seen the critically-acclaimed documentary Portlandia knows, it’s particularly vital that I keep reusable bags in my life. How to continue looking awesome and British while still being environmentally responsible?

Most of my reusable bags are of the general, folding variety—with the oft-lost plastic bit for base support and vaguely awkward shape for storage. Thankfully, our new 24/7 Bags from Flip & Tumble are nothing like that, quite literally reducing to the size of a peach; in fact, there’s my on-the-fly slogan for this bag: “More portable than an apple!”

Additionally, they’re quite strong (comprised of ripstop nylon) and roomier than they ought to be (2x the size of a plastic grocery bag). Yes, these bags are essentially my valentine this year—and now all you lucky folks have a chance to win one of your very own!


The “Win Your Wish List” Contest Returns!

The task of returning gifts is a dreary leftover of the holiday season—but there are lots of artful ways to avoid improper gifting (for example, Pinterest boards abound). However, what if you could drop helpful hints AND enter a delightful contest in one fell swoop?

You can indeed: The “Win Your Wish List” contest is back! Once again, three lucky people will win $50 worth of Knit Picks merchandise, just by creating and sharing their dream list of goodies. Entering is easy-peasy—here’s how:



Get to know Jen Andersen from Hanks in the Hood!

There are certain people that you meet in your fiber travels that simply beam with a passion for what they do, and no one embodies this like Jen Anderson, the face behind Hanks in the Hood. It is a quality that is infectious in person and hard to express in words. And since Jen is a local to us here in Portland (she is based out of Gresham, Oregon), I was so excited when I was able to spend a day at her shop (Andersen Fiber Works) and her fiber processing studio for a little video interview! All of us here at the office love Jen and of course, her rovings and batts from Hanks in the Hood. And personally, I am thrilled to be able to share Jen’s story in addition to her enthusiasm, drive, and passion for what she does everyday.

I hope this little video lets you get to know Jen a little bit better, I am sure you’ll love her as much as we all do!


A Quick, Green & Leafy Shout Out

Okay, perhaps the term “shout out” has significantly diminished since Carson Daly’s tenure at TRL? Regardless, the Full Circle sale ended on Monday and I wanted to heartily thank everyone for its success!


As you’ll recall, for the entire month of April we offered our Full Circle line at a 10% discount, with an additional 10% going to charity in celebration of Earth Day. With your generous help, Knit Picks will be donating over $1,600 directly to the Arbor Day Foundation. Each and every dollar goes a long way toward planting trees, purifying water and generally beautifying and enhancing the planet. It was a true honor to partner with such a great organization and our Full Circle yarn was the perfect, soft, 100% recycled wool accomplice. Thank you all, you’re lovely!