Good things come in threes

That old addage has been used to describe so many things, but it’s certainly true for the Ternion Knee Socks kit!

The Ternion (fancy word for a group of three) Knee Socks kit
features three patterns for three different pair of knee-high socks
that use three totally different techniques. There are the stately
Cabled pair, which feature intricate front cable panels and twist-stitch



Socks of Doom

When I received an invitation to a Ravelry group called Socks of Doom, I had a few mis-givings. Would this be a collection of hopelessly confused sock knitters, a support group for sufferers of Second Sock Syndrome or, maybe, yikes! knitters darning heels!

It turned out to be a sock knitting competition. I had no idea these sort of things existed. The idea is that two, paired up sock knitters race against each other to see who can knit a pair of socks first. Whoever loses – dies!! :)

Yes, there are rules. And, no, I absolutely could not resist. The first pattern assignment (I sound like a sock knitting version of Mission Impossible) is the Nutkin pattern by Beth LaPensee.

(photo from Ravelry pattern page)