Hawthorne is my newest yarn crush with the lovely color palette, local yarn names (so much fun to pick!) and the wonderfully durable fiber blend it’s perfect for so many different projects. Alison has been making baby sweaters, I’ve seen a few lovely shawls and I’ve personally made almost four pairs of socks since we got the samples in the office. We also reknit the Gradual Rib Hat from the Geometric Pattern Collection in Rose City and Irvington, I like the new colors even BETTER than the original Stroll colorway!


Worsted Basics


I’m so glad that I finally get to talk about one of my favorite collections to date - Worsted Basics! I love working with worsted yarn and it’s a delight to be able to find a whole collection of projects in the same weight in one place. The projects are fantastic which made it easy to take some gorgeous photos of them on location at a house in the lovely Forest Park area. I love those deep, dark woods and we were able to take advantage of lovely scenery between rain showers by ducking into the cute house for a few projects.


Podcast Episode 235: A Meditation on Sock Knitting

In honor of the Sock Yarn Sale that is currently going on, Kelley focuses on the humble sock for this week’s episode – a project that most knitter’s are hardly ever seen without in their current work-in-progress line up. Although it may seem simple, the beauty of a knitted sock lies within it’s practicality (both to make and to wear) as well as in it’s ability to be a blank canvas. Kelley walks you through all of the steps of working a top-down sock, along with a plethora of handy tips and tricks along the way. As Kelley pauses to reflect on the clever construction of socks, both new and experienced knitters are sure to be inspired to cast on a pair of socks right away.

Finally, Kelley catches you up with what she has on her needles at the moment. This week, the goal is all about simplicity and portability as Kelley reports from a Spanish language immersion retreat in La Paz, Mexico!

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Chunky Slippers FREE Pattern



Lately, we’ve been taking some time to weed through our older free patterns that need a little update and having them reknit for new photos or if the original yarn has been discontinued. I love taking good, solid patterns and giving them a mini makeover to match our current aesthetics. Our most recent redo was the Chunky Slipper Pattern from a few years ago. I whipped these up over two days in Wool of the Andes Bulky Navy and love how they fit. Not too bulky, but perfect slipped over a pair of socks for around the house on cold mornings.


Hearthwarming Stockings

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. If you’re like me and you haven’t really thought of what to make for the knitworthy on your list, I have an idea – the Hearthwarming Stockings!

This kit contains enough yarn for two stockings. There are a ton of different motifs to choose from, ensuring that each can be unique and just what the recipient would love.


Knit & Crochet in Public Week: Finding the right project

I’ve knit in public quite a bit over the years – when I lived in Massachusetts, I knit about 2 pairs of socks a month just on my 2-3 hour daily train commute!

Now most of my public crafting seems to be in dark places – bars, coffee shops and especially the movies. I can’t seem to go to the movies without my project – if I don’t, I spend most the film fidgeting, which doesn’t seem to please my other half. It gets so annoying that I’ll realize that I’m nearing the heel turn in a pair of socks that I’ll have to cast on for something new before we head out to the movies!

(Note: I have done a short row heel while watching a movie in the theater. I don’t recommend it, unless you like ripping it out and redoing it when you get home.)

So my craft in public projects tend to be small (so they fit in my bag!) and easy stockinette patterns – things I don’t need to look at when working – which is why I don’t crochet in public very often – I still need to look down at my project when I’m crocheting. My first choice is generally socks – I use the Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Socks Pattern all the time now (that way I don’t drop my DPNs!).