Dangerous Contest

This contest is now closed.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  To find out who won, click here.

Why is this Dangerous?  Because if you win this book you will be overloaded with cuteness!

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I love Rebecca Danger‘s creatures (and anyone who sees my desk can confrim it).  So I am so excited for her book, The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters – it’s full of 20 awesome monster pattterns!


Kate plus 9?

We had a Halloween party in the office today.  My coworkers are so creative, it’s really fun to see their Halloween costumes each year.  This year, my coworkers were scheming behind my back.  I was completely surprised when I came into the office to see everyone dressed as me! 


What really happens in the Knit Picks office

The Knit Picks office is a pretty busy place.  We are always working on the catalog, or developing new products.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play!

I came to work wearing some awesome crocheted slippers that I bought at Last Thursday (an arts festival in Portland on Alberta Street).  I love how bright and crazy they are!  Stacey wanted to take my picture, and I decided to do a high kick!


Spinning Out of Control!

My coworkers and I are so excited that we are finally offering spinning supplies, because we’ve been crazy about spinning for a long time.  I learned how to knit first, and then my love of yarn drove me to try to spin with a drop spindle made out of a cd and a dowel, and later I bought a spinning wheel.  Kelley actually learned how to spin before she started knitting.  In college, she had a work study job at her college’s library, and many of her coworkers were spinners and taught her!  Alison is a spinning maniac, bringing in hanks of handspun to the office almost every Monday morning.  

We all hang out after work for informal craft nights, but we thought it would be fun for everyone to bring their spinning wheels to work so we could gather and spin together!