A Photo Session With Linus


I love any opportunity I get to photograph my little buddy, Linus. Once upon a time he helped us with a video for our old Special Reserve yarn, Sugarbunny and he was the little cutie modeling a knit sweater on this very blog a few weeks ago. Yesterday, we got to take advantage of his very accommodating personality (and his ability to hold still lying on his back all by himself) to take some fun photos with Palette.


6 Easy Steps to Becoming a Pinterest Model

A pressing public service announcement:

Step 1.) Spend a lot of time on Pinterest—particularly, “researching” project patterns.

Step 2.) Develop a heretofore unnatural obsession with monster infinity scarves; know solidly that having one would complete you/make you a Winter Fairy. Or Faerie.

Step 3.) Get swept up in Knit Picks’ excellent “Free Hank of Biggo” promotion. Let excitement build.


Yarn Election 2012: The Results!

First and foremost: A huge thanks to everyone that participated in our stunning, first-ever Yarn Election at Knit Picks. Your clever and passionate appeals were a true delight to read; may you never stop voicing your opinions on the pressing fiber issues of our time!

However, there can only be one victor. Winning the election handily by a large margin, I present to you:


An exercise in Stash Management

It’s no secret that I have a ridiculous stash. I’ve been fighting the
dreaded SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy) for some time
now, and the only weapon I have is youth! But, barring medical advances
that would have me able to knit productively till about 120 years old, I
need to do something about my stash.

What really spurred me on was the stash swap party we had last week. I
had to go through my stash and get rid of stuff, and I was also
determined to bring home less than I brought. But, I have to say that
dumping out a comforter-bags’ worth of stash all over my dining table
was a bit of an eye-opener!


3rd Annual “De-Stash” Party at Knit Picks

What’s a de-stash party, you ask? It’s a yearly event that we do here at the office. Three years ago a few of us employees here at Knit Picks were complaining about the huge stash of yarn/fabric that we have at home.  Since it was the first of the year and clean-up resolutions were on our minds, we came up with a “de-stash” party idea. Both knitters and quilters participated, and we brought in the yarn/fabric we were willing to part with.  After weighing the stash we each bought, all the goodies were dumped into a big pile. The person who brought the most was the first to dig in!

stash pile


Crochet Away Your Peculiar Insecurity, in Sixty Minutes or Less!

I wear a lot stuff around my neck, a fact that I only fully grasped during a recent clothing cull. I mercifully stopped counting after the twentieth scarf but, even so, it all seems excessive until you consider my persistence in wearing them. The very unstudied guess here is that I wear scarves, say, 90% of the time. Now while I could claim that it’s an aesthetic sensibility or just plain cozy, most likely it’s because I find my neck rather long and goofy looking. I mean, is that too strange? Is that totally unheard of? At least I’m not complaining about my nail beds.

Whatever the reason behind it all, now’s my time! I’m the annoying person who likes annoying weather and it’s bulky scarf season.




In Brief Praise of Ugliness

With my clothing, I rarely venture outside dark colors and
neutrals. The most thrilling sweater I own is in a shade of cranberry.
However, that doesn’t prevent me from using color in the projects I crochet;
lots of color and all of it at once.

The lion’s share of my handiwork is cheerfully ugly, the
natural conclusion of higher gauges, a bird-like level concentration
and all that aforementioned use of color. If a project goes as planned, it’s so
delightfully unattractive that I’m pleased and repulsed in equal measure!


Happy long weekend!

(for many of you anyway)

We hope you had a wonderful summer, now that the unofficial end to summer is this weekend!  We had a BBQ with our sister companies to celebrate the sunshine (our last one got rained out – it’s been a very cold summer here in Oregon/Washington)

We had the 3 perfect ingredients for a great BBQ:

We had food…




Sock Summit Recap

It was just over a week ago that sock knitters took over Portland,
Oregon for the second ever Sock Summit! I was lucky enough to have gone
to the first Sock Summit, and was just as excited about being able to
attend this year as well. First of all, I have to point out the obvious -
knitters are pretty awesome people! No matter where I found myself or
which table I sat down at, I was quickly immersed in conversation with
other knitters. It sure is a wonderful feeling to have an instant point
of connection to everyone around you, all connected by our simple love
of all things fiber.