Sweater Repair

sweater repair roving

Ice scrapers are a sure sign that it’s time to break out those “serious”
sweaters that I’ve had packed away since Vermont. Oh how those sweaters
kept me toasty! Unfortunately it looks like two of them have met with
the dreaded wool-nibbling moths! I was able to poke a finger through all
four holes. After frowning for a moment and pledging to make some
little sachets of cedar shavings, I brightened up a bit when I realized
that the new Full Circle Roving had the perfect colors to repair both sweaters without any fuss at all!


Pom Pom Bunny

Pom Pom Rabbit

Back in my very first post here I mentioned that I wanted to make a mini Linus. When Linus’ fur is completely grown out he very much resembles a giant
pile of roving with the addition of two very long ears and two very pink
eyes. So, my first try at making my very own pocket sized Linus had me
reaching for that silky, glossy Bare Gloss Roving. The silk and merino in this particular roving mimics Linus’ beautiful shimmery fur so well!