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Handmade Kitchen Contest

What is the vibe of your dream handmade kitchen? Cheerful retro with pops of red? Peaceful classic with soothing touches of vintage charm? Share with us and enter for a chance to win one of our kitchen pattern collection books and $50 worth of cotton yarns!

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Enter Our “Endless Summer” Pinterest Contest!

Thanks everyone!  The comments are now closed & we'll announce our winners by 8/9! Yesterday, after we rolled out our brand new and lovely Sunstruck needles, I saw a reverberating message throughout our social media channels:  “Whelp! Found my (insert birthday/holiday/what-have-you) present!”. But why wait? What if you could win a full set of interchangeable Sunstruck needles?

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Craft in Public Week Contest!

Comments are closed!  We'll send out the special coupon to all entires - thanks all! Starting this Saturday is the annual Knit in Public week! This was started in 2007 as a day for those who craft alone can get together with a bunch of other knitters! It has since grown into a week long celebration - this year it runs from June 9th-17th and if you go to the webpage, you can find events in your area. Well, we all love the idea of celebrating knitting in public - we do that already! (For instance, the reason I have so many handknit socks? I was on a train for 2-3 hours a day for my communte when I lived in Boston).  But why be so restrictive?  Many of us also crochet or spin in public too! So we're going to celebrate Crafting In Public with a new contest!  

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