A bit of a photography experiment

I love my Motorola Droid! It’s taken a couple of weeks but I feel like I have apps that will allow me to leave my iTouch behind. I’ve become completely dependent on my little droid. It is always with me!

Now that I’m settled, I want to learn how to take great shots using my Droid camera. This is my first blog photo and I can see that I have a lot to learn. How to focus, for one thing. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing my photo adventures with you. Ideally, I would like to become comfortable and savvy enough to pop off shots whenever I want.


My current “Go To” project

This is the first sock I have made from Camille Chang’s wonderful collection of sock patterns. Camille is a member of our Independent Designer Program. The short repeat in these Tic Tac Toe socks is easy to memorize, or figure out from the row below. That is why these have become my Go To project.

Today is a perfect example. Bob didn’t inform me that we were going out to dinner tonight until we were heading out to the garage this morning. No worries! I did a quick turn-around, went to the living room and grabbed the small Knitting Project Bag holding my socks and accessories.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having this kind of project always ready. Maybe I should change the name to “Marriage Saving” project.


I am taking a Knitting Day!

Most people would call it a “Mental Health Day”. I am lucky enough to have knitting in my job description so I can take “a day” and still be working.

I can’t explain it but every once in awhile I need to just sit and knit and knit and knit for hours. The urge is irresistible. I have a nice little picnic basket in my office. I am going to take it across the street and settle down on the grass of the office park, in the shade of a big tree and knit. I will take along some water, a new audio book and Xena.

My goal is to get into a nice rythmn with my Gail Shawl. I am at that awkward stage where I am still learning the repeat. I have to think a lot, my hands feel big and clumsy with the fine lace yarn, the bit of fabric is so small and insubstantial that it is almost annoying. The annoying part could just be my mood.

I really need to go knit now!


Socks? Umm, not so much

I love this yarn! I bought it at Sock Summit from Gypsy Girl Creations. The colorway is Mountain Home.

But, I am not thrilled with how it is knitting up into a sock. The color change is too long and I’m not feeling the love. So, I have ripped out the sock and I am going to look for a lacy scarf pattern that will take advantage of the way the colors transition. I have two skeins. Plenty to make a scarf in colors that I will love to wear with my winter outfits.


Oh, I just love Alpaca Cloud!

I haven’t knit with Alpaca Cloud in a couple of years. I’ve become a bit bored with my lace shawl collection so I went looking for something new.

The Gail shawl in Ravelry
has many fans and it seems that some knitters have made more than one!
Apparently it is a relatively easy project, as lace knitting goes.

What I want is a very neutral shawl. Something I can drag along with me when I travel. The Smoke colorway is perfect for me.


Sock modeling is a tough job…

In addition to some new marketing projects, I’ve also added sock model to my resume since I started working at Knit Picks.

thought sock modeling sounded like a pretty cushy job. I mean, all you
have to do is sit around and wear some socks and let someone take a
picture of your feet, right? Little did I know…