Snuggle Express

Today was a good day.  We received a visit from the Snuggle Express!cuteness_-22-L

A few weeks ago, I spotted a program that the Oregon Humane Society was doing this holiday season – for a donation to OHS, offices could receive a visit from some adoptable puppies & kittens for some snuggle time! I was so excited and got it all set up for our office – and we received a visit from 3 puppies & 2 kittens today!


Tatting! The adventure begins!

A very long time ago I made an attempt to learn to tat. I’m typically a self-taught crafter, and the internet wasn’t around at that time. Needless to say, I gave up almost as quickly as I started! Moving forward to 2 weeks ago, (yes, only two weeks!!!) I gave needle tatting a try. Now there are great books and you-tube videos to help you learn. So along with those sources and a tatting needle, I found it so quick to pick up! I know there are shuttle tatting people and there are needle tatting people. I now fall in the latter group.



Shhh, Don’t Tell My Coworkers: I’m Learning to Knit

Well, I’m finally letting the cat out of the bag. Or letting the needles out of the…cherry red PVC backpack? Anyway, welcome to my shame! I’ve been secretly teaching myself to knit for a couple of weeks and I wouldn’t say it’s going well.


You may remember me as the resident spirited/mediocre crocheter with questionable tastes; don’t worry, I’m definitely retaining that title as well. However, I’ve surprised myself with an ever-inching desire to knit, even though I’d been resolute on these matters in the past. I’m keen on blaming my coworkers, who constantly parade beautiful knit projects around the office. But in total honesty, the turning point came when my own harassing curiosity met with a pair of Harmony needles in the office free-box. GAME OVER. Not even a lack of tools could be my excuse.


3rd Annual “De-Stash” Party at Knit Picks

What’s a de-stash party, you ask? It’s a yearly event that we do here at the office. Three years ago a few of us employees here at Knit Picks were complaining about the huge stash of yarn/fabric that we have at home.  Since it was the first of the year and clean-up resolutions were on our minds, we came up with a “de-stash” party idea. Both knitters and quilters participated, and we brought in the yarn/fabric we were willing to part with.  After weighing the stash we each bought, all the goodies were dumped into a big pile. The person who brought the most was the first to dig in!

stash pile


Happy Holidays!

Wow, the holidays signify the end of the year! Where did it go?  2012 is just a little over a week away and I haven’t gotten my 2011 resolutions done yet!  So it’s a new year and a new list – out with the old, in with the new (or new again!).  Has anyone started their 2012 New Years resolution list yet?

Here at Knit Picks, we wish you a great New Year. Our wish for you is that 2012 be filled with creative crafting and lots of fiber fun!

Happy Holidays & a very Happy New Year!



Help! What should I do?

In the beginning of October, I told you in a post about the hat I made for my
granddaughter – as a reminder, here’s a picture of Kalyn and her big brother

So after this little photo shoot, Cole asks me if I could make him a hat and of course I told him I would love to! 

“What would you like your hat to be?” I asked

“Skulls!” He said – yes, he’s 8 years old!


Cute as a button!

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I was browsing through the kazillion of fun buttons at Joann’s a while back and found this button
“Cute as a button”.  Which describes my granddaughter. (I think that’s
what any nana would say! right?)  (here’s a picture of Kalyn -not big on
smiling- with big brother, Cole)


Vancouver warehouse sale…

This last Saturday in Vancouver we had our warehouse sale.  I decided to come early and take pictures. 
Since we were expecting a crowd, I rode my bike (I wasn’t planning to
buy anything – ha!) In case you weren’t able to make it, this is what the
warehouse looked like before the sale started:


Happy long weekend!

(for many of you anyway)

We hope you had a wonderful summer, now that the unofficial end to summer is this weekend!  We had a BBQ with our sister companies to celebrate the sunshine (our last one got rained out – it’s been a very cold summer here in Oregon/Washington)

We had the 3 perfect ingredients for a great BBQ:

We had food…