Three Weekend Baby Blanket

This is the baby blanket I started on our road trip to Seattle. As
usual, I was a “bit” optimistic thinking I would finish the whole thing
over the weekend. One, I forgot how easily I fall asleep riding in a
car. Two, I was completely unprepared for a stunningly beautiful day on
Saturday. Bob, his son Adam and I walked and walked and walked the city.
Then, we went out to dinner with Adam and a couple of his friends.
Yummy, yummy Vietnamese food!


Winners for the Felici Giveaway!

Thanks everyone for your Felici nominations!  Using a random number generator, we have selected our two winners! #103 – RaynaThe red striped one – second from the left in the bottom picture. *Gorgeous*! #401 – MelissahTime Traveler and Green Veggies, …


Knitting socks in tandem

Remember a couple of months ago when I was struggling with Second
Sock Syndrome. After knitting with the Magic Loop Method several times,
I’ve realized that I prefer knitting with DPNs. It’s just a matter of
personal preference. We have a selection of Magic Loop/DPN sock knitters
in the building. We’ve all tried any new method that has come
around and it’s been fun to watch who ends up using what needles for the
sock knitting.


Knit Picks yarn featured in Interweave Crochet and Crochet Magazine!

We always love getting emails from Interweave
(and any other magazines for that matter) saying that our yarn has been
featured.  We are particularly excited about the latest email we
received from Interweave Crochet annoucing that our yarn was used for the beautiful Arboretum Cardigan, designed by Annette Petavy. 

Isn’t it just lovely?  For the cardigan, Annette used CotLin DK in Lilac.  The little flowers are aslo made with CotLin in Cerise, Blackberry and Sprout. 


Website Updates!

You may have noticed we’ve made a couple of changes to the way our yarn and tools pages display on the Knit Picks web site.
You can see a good example of the yarn page changes on the Shine Sport
page.  The biggest change to the yarn pages is that we’ve added a new
tag, “Goodbye”.

that show a “Goodbye” tag on the top are those that are being
discontinued. We are committed to labeling all discontinued items as
soon as we have made the decision to no longer carry them.  We’re hoping
this will help you with project planning and give you the opportunity
to stock up on discontinued colors you love while they’re still
available. “Goodbye” yarns, books, and tools are not necessarily
discounted, it’s just a heads up that we are not re-ordering them once
our current stock is gone.


Customer Questions about Dishie

Many times, our customer service department receives questions about our
new products with regard to their washability, durability, texture and
so on.  Recently, a couple days after the launch of our new Dishie line,
a customer called in and asked our wonderful representative, Daryl,
whether the yarn colors would bleed or fade in the wash.  She also
inquired whether the texture and feel were comparable to one of our
competitors’ 100% cotton yarn. 

When we are selecting new yarn lines, we always go through a vigorous
vetting process to determine whether the yarn is up to our standards. 
As soon as we receive the yarn samples, we distribute the yarn to two or
more knitters and/or crocheters to swatch.  We do this for three
reasons: to test gauge, to make sure the spin is consistent, and to see
how the yarn looks once it’s worked up.  Once we have swatches in place,
we essentially beat one of them up.  We wash it in hot and cold water,
we put it in the wash with heavy items, and test to see how it will hold
up with a lot of abuse.  Next, we wash another swatch according to the
care instructions that we recommend.  Once we know how the yarn works up
and holds up, we make our decision.  One thing that we hadn’t done in
the past is bleach the yarn.  Until now.


Say hi to Dishie! (and find out how to win a $20 gift card)

Thank you to everyone who participated!  This contest is now closed.  To find out who won, please click here: WINNERS

I am so thrilled to introduce you to our brand new yarn- Dishie. Dishie is a hard working worsted weight yarn, made of 100% cotton with a tight spin and high absorbency. Dishie is made of tougher stuff than super-snuggly Comfy or the organic cotton in Simply Cotton, which were designed specifically with garment knitting in mind. Dishie is more of a multi-purpose yarn well-suited for projects like dish cloths, market bags, baby bibs, but we made sure the finished yarn is still soft enough that it’s a pleasure to knit. Dishie is also one of our most affordable yarns at only $3.99 for 100g ball, and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Dishie is the darling of the Knit Picks’ office right now, we’ve never knit so many dish cloths! Kerin even made up a dish cloth template for us so that we could each design our very own dish cloth pattern which are now available as free patterns. She also re-formatted the template to create a downloadable DIY Dishcloth free pattern. Now we want to see what you can come up with.

Send a PDF, word doc, or jpeg of your own charted dishcloth pattern, or a photo of a knit or crocheted dishcloth you designed to contests@knitpicks.com by May 15th, 2011. It’s up to you whether you want to use the DIY Dishcloth pattern or free style it- anything goes! We’ll randomly select 3 winners and give them each a $20 gift card to Knit Picks. The winners will be e-mailed and their names will be posted here on the blog, along with some photos of a few of our favorite submissions.
Now I’d like to show what our staff dreamed up to give you some inspiration…