A Primer on Charts

A couple of summers ago, I did a whole tutorial series on knitting
Lace. Now that we have better video equipment, I’ve made a video to
expand on some of the information I covered – specifically, how to read a

If you’re new to lace or mystified by charts in general, this (twenty
minute!) video takes you through everything you need to know to get
going. It’s not just lace specific, either – though lace comes with its
own set of interesting features. Since the video is HD quality, you can
watch it in fullscreen mode to get a high-quality closer look – and even
pause and knit along if you’d like.

Read more to see the video!


Demystifying Lace, Class 6 – Blocking

So, you’ve knit some lace, and it looks like a big pile of holey
cheese. Now what? Where’s that gorgeous shawl pictured in the pattern

There’s only one way to see the true beauty of what you’ve made. Block it!

this video, I go over all the tools you’ll need for the job. I’ve also
included our existing tutorial on blocking with Lace Blocking wires. I
had planned on photographing the process as well this week, but time was
not on my side! I will post some next week. Do you have any questions
about blocking, or have blocking before-and after stories and photos to
share? I’d love to hear from you!

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the most fun and magical part of lace knitting.


Next Lace class is tomorrow! But in the meantime…

Your questions are answered!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be
posting the videos for Demystifying Lace, class 2. This class will be
all about how to prepare and handle the yarn, and it’ll be in three
segments. It’s a long one this time!

Before then, I wanted to go over some questions that have been in the
comments. This class has had such a great response that I’ve been
answering the questions in emails – if you asked a question on the last
class post, check your email! I get pretty confused trying to read
through a thread of comments that long to find answers, and I don’t
expect you to wade through either :)

But, for the benefit of everyone here, these are some of the
questions I recieved in the comments and my answers to them!

Elenor asked:
Q: I have a question about blocking. When
you block an object and then wash it for
the first time, do you have to block it on the blocking boards again or
spread it out to dry like normal?


Demystifying Lace, Class 3: Gauge, Casting on, and the ‘Holey’ stitch

Hello again! In this installment of Demystifying Lace, I’ll tell you why
getting gauge isn’t really all that important, basics of casting on for
different types of lace, and give a quick primer on the holeyest of
stitches, the yarn over!

Click ‘Read More…” to see the answers to some questions I got in last week’s class comments.

And now, on to this week’s lengthy lessons, all four of them! Even though these
videos are pretty long, I feel like I really only skimmed over the
techniques – so if you have questions, ask away. :)
On gauge


Demystifying Lace, Class 5 – Stitches!

Sorry for the delay for this class! We had some technical difficulties – ah, gotta love technology :)

And now for some more info about the stitches. Here are some snapshots
that will help closely illustrate some of the concepts I cover in the
video – directional decreasing, yarnovers, and nupps vs. bobbles.

Click to see the the videos and read more!