What would your perfect kit be?

As with any fashion-type industry, we plan all of our patterns and
kits well in advance of their release dates. In fact, we’re about to
start planning our projects for 2013!

With so many other projects in the works, it’s a daunting prospect to
come up with so many ideas at once. So, I turn to you, dear readers,
for inspiration! What kind of kits would you like to see in 2013?


Flowers in Spring

With Spring fast approaching, it’s almost time to start putting away
the woolen sweaters and coats. But you’ll still need something to keep
the chilly air at bay! How about the cheerful new Lilypad Shawl kit?

This shawl features a bold design of lily pads and flowers on a pond.
The lilies are worked in intarsia, and their simple shapes and coloring
are good for someone new to the technique. (If you need some pointers
on Intarsia, check out this video tutorial!)


New IDP Kits

Did you notice something new about our new kits this month?

We now have kits featuring patterns from our favorite IDP designers!  We are so excited to introduce this to you – you get the pattern & the yarn together for a discount and the designer still gets 100% of the pattern sales.  


Voila – Viola!

Occasionally as a designer, the opportunity arises to really explore
the art of knitting. When I was in college, knitting was another artform
to me, much like the metals, encaustic and foam core board I was used
to playing with. I liked that it was an additive, structural process. As
I was studying modern art, I started seeing all mediums in a different
way; there’s so much more possibility in any medium than can be
expressed in its intended use. This, to me, was as true for oil paints
as it was for yarn.

One concept I often explored in my art was the balance of hard/soft.
That old theme was reinvigorated when I started to really think about
the linear, almost mechanical process of knitting with something so soft
and changeable as yarn. Pondering artists like Chuck Close, Warhol and
Kandinsky, I thought, what if they were knitters? What would they do
with yarn? And so I started to play.


Life’s little luxuries

There is really something wonderfully indulgent about luxury fibers.
Not only do you get to knit with them, but then you can wear the item!
The only problem is, sometimes you really want to take that luxury yarn
for a test drive before deciding that it is exactly what you want for a

With that in mind, we created a kit of simple, one-ball patterns that
lets you try out four of our most luxurious yarns, without the
commitment of a large project!

The Luxe Accessories Set includes one ball each of Aloft, Capra, City Tweed and Andean Treasure in coordinating Soft or Jewel colors.


There’s still time…

If you’re like me and haven’t started your holiday shopping yet,
don’t fear – there’s still time!  And if you’re trying to find just the
thing for your knitting friends, we have lots of options.

Besides yarn and needles, our kits
make great gifts. It comes all packaged up for you (just need some
paper and a bow!), and contains everything you need to make a project.
They make it easy for you to get your shopping done and find something
for every knitter on your list!

Accessories are fun to make and wear and are a great medium for learning new things.

Hugo Hat

This stylish cap pairs a simple slip stitch pattern with advanced
finishing. This is a great project for someone who is a little uneasy
about hemming, lining, seams and sewing – by the end of this hat,
they’ll be a pro!


Playing with Color… and Math!

Ever since we introduced Chroma,
I’ve been enjoying its versatility for patterns. The subtle color
changes turn simple stranded knitting into complicated-looking
colorwork, and even plain stockinette into works of art. So how about
some stripes?

One of my favorite things in Astronomy class in college was examining
emission and absorption spectra of various elements and then looking
for them in stars. Not only was the science fascinating, but it was
beautiful as well. When we were tossing around ideas for a new sweater
in Chroma, my thoughts turned immediately to those lovely spectra.

Obviously there would be quite a problem working a full spectrum
line-by-line into a sweater. There’s just too many rows, and the colors
wouldn’t line up with their correct nanometer values! Not to mention it
would need to look nice in colors other than just the bright spectral
rainbow. So, I decided that the Fibbonacci sequence would deliver the
perfect result. And the Chromatic Pullover is the end product!


Give your holiday knitting a Finishing Touch

Now that winter is nipping at our heels and the holiday knitting
season is in full swing, it’s about time to think about quick, warm
knits. What better than fingerless mitts? They’re versatile, quick to
knit, and make great gifts.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, why not try the Finishing Touches Fingerless Mitts Kit?

This set comes with the patterns and enough yarn for five pair of
coordinating fingerless mitts. Each of the five pair is a little


Keep those ears warm!

With the falling leaves and chilly autumn winds on their way, it’s time to start knitting a new hat! This Fall, how about an Andean Chullo hat?

This perennial favorite is back in two new colorways: Red and Grey.

The Red kit has rich autumnal shades of russet and orange, while the Grey
kit has a gradient of black to white shot through with bright wintry
blues. Both kits put a new twist on the Peruvian-inspired patterns…


Designer Interviews for October Kits!

With cooler weather fast approaching, it only seems appropriate that the new catalog is jam packed with all kinds of knitting goodness! And with so many kits to choose from, there is really something for everyone. You will find everything from blankets and throws to hats, bags, mittens, toys and holiday decorations.

One of my favorites is the Winter Wonderful Kit, I just love the idea of getting a kit of yarn to make my very own set of holiday decorations! I am a total sucker for the holidays and always get excited when I can fill my house with cozy and festive home decor. There are so many options for knitted toys, little gifts, and decorations – and even though it would be time consuming, the knitted string of lights would be completely worth it. Watch Kerin’s designer interview for the Winter Wonderful Kit to see all of the adorable things you could make!