Double Twist Cowl – Twice the Fun

I work for a yarn company, but I can’t stand most wool. While it would be a stretch to dub me a Barbie (my preferred outfit is sweatpants and I don’t even own a brush), I am known around the office for my fastidious skin. Even the thought of wool makes it itch.

Thankfully, we carry a wool yarn that is kind enough even for my royal skin, and it was recently kitted into a stunning cowl. My co worker Jenny penned a clever little haiku in honor of the grand event:

Double crochet cowl,
you are even soft enough
for Princess Heidi

And here is the kit (not on me .. I gave up modeling a long time ago): Double Cowl Twist Purple


Among the Bamboo Blanket

Blankets are one of my favorite go-to projects for baby showers and little ones – there is just something really special about putting one’s time and efforts into a larger project like a blanket or throw. And even though it is a bigger commitment than say, a sweater or a hat, I like knowing that a blanket is sure to get a lot of use and will be there, even as the little one gets older.

I tend to lean towards simple stitches for these larger projects, but the super adorable Among the Bamboo Blanket is definitely tempting me to reconsider my simple ways the next time I need a baby blanket project. My favorite part? This pattern is available as two different kits: a colorwork version and a knit/purl textured version!

Among the Bamboo Blanket (colorwork version)


When geology meets yarn…

A moraine is a deposit of rocks and debris left by glaciers as they
advance and recede. Moraines often add some really interesting terrain
to the existing land, resulting in crazy looking hills and land that
looks  folded or striated. Glaciers make for some pretty spectacular geologic
features – moving bits of the Earth from place to place, bit by bit,
blurring the line between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

Musing on those glacial effects resulted in the Moraine Pullover!

might be hard to see where to draw a comparison, but in the stitch
patterning of Moraine, each ‘point’ recedes and advances through colors,
leaving its mark in the next ripple.


Enjoy color with the Hue Shift Afghan!

Now that it’s cuddle-up-on-the-couch season, it’s just the right time
for a new afghan. Add a little splash of color to your decor with the Hue Shift Aghan!

This afghan is knit in Garter stitch mitered squares. The squares are
picked up and knit off of each other in four large segments, so that
the only seam required is to stitch the four segments together. Because
of this, it makes an easy travel project, because no one section is very

The 10 colors in the patterning of the afghan are arranged in such a
way that they create a wash of 100 slightly different, shifting shades.
This pattern is available in two colorways as a ready-to-knit kit: Rainbow and Decor. But, if you want to create your own colorful masterpiece, get the downloadable version and choose your own palette. With a little imagination, the color possibilities are much greater!

For instance, if you wanted a rich, jewel-toned blanket, try these colors…


Keep in touch!

With chilly weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking
about gloves. But one big problem with most gloves is that you have to
take them off (or make do with chilly fingertips in fingerless gloves)
to use your touch screen devices. What’s worse than missing an important
call because you can’t get your gloves off in time? Naturally the fiber
industry has stepped in with a fantastic material – Conductive Thread! We now carry the thread, and a great pattern that makes use of it. The In Touch gloves feature a circuitry-inspired motif and small pads of Conductive Thread on the fingertips.

The way the thread works is by completing the circuit between your
finger and the capacative touch screen of your phone, tablet or other
device. As long as the thread touches both your finger and the screen,
you can use the device just as you would with no gloves on at all! It
doesn’t take much, either…