How To Dress Your Classic Baby

I used to buy new clothing for myself intermittently. Then I had kids, and the wardrobe budget went straight to them. It’s so much more satisfying to buy things that look adorable on your favorite little people, even if they wear them for about two weeks before they outgrow them. I love pairing my favorite store-bought items with the children’s clothes I make. Here’s a few ways you can do the same, using items from our newest kid’s collection “Classic Knits for Kids”.

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Hawthorne for kiddo projects

My son Nate is growing like a weed, and keeping up with his increasingly-large clothing is a bit of a challenge.  I tend to get all wide-eyed from sticker shock when I see baby and toddler sweaters in stores, so most of my knitting lately has focused on little pullovers and cardigans. Processed with VSCOcam