Help! What should I do?

In the beginning of October, I told you in a post about the hat I made for my
granddaughter – as a reminder, here’s a picture of Kalyn and her big brother

So after this little photo shoot, Cole asks me if I could make him a hat and of course I told him I would love to! 

“What would you like your hat to be?” I asked

“Skulls!” He said – yes, he’s 8 years old!


Fun Freebie Friday!


All of use here in the office read lots of crafting blogs – we’re all bigtime crafters so we like to keep up with what’s going on!  One of our favorites is Sweatshop of Love, the wonderful blog by Allyson Dykhuizen. We were delighted when she submitted some of her designs for the IDP program.  Now she has a cute little free pattern with us too!

Presenting the Tinfoil Tiara Brigade: The Headband Pattern!