More baby things!

Like Alison, I’ve been working on some baby things!  Two of my closest friends are having a baby in May & I’m so excited for them.  I wrote about my decision making back in January and wanted to be sure I shared the final result with you.

I was originally planning on making a log cabin style blanket with University of Oregon colors – yellow, green, white & black – since we all grew up in Eugene & are big U of O fans.  I ended up ordering Swish Worsted because I liked those colors the best & got started!

But then after a few rounds, I realized how mind numbingly dull it was to knit – and slow! I had just finished up my Bullseye Blanket and was really in the mood to crochet something else.  And then when I saw Alison’s gorgeous Ripple Blanket, I thought that might be a great project instead.  I happened to mentioned it on Twitter and Linda Permann had an even better suggestion - Lyn’s Round Ripple Baby Afghan!


Making the Most of Luxury Fibers

The best way to create extra special projects is to use a yarn that is equally extra special! And knowing the different properties of luxury fibers will help you to make the very most of out of every stitch. No matter if you are looking to make a luxurious sweater for a friend or family member or perhaps you simply want to indulge in a one-skein wonder, you’ll find a variety of luxury fibers that are sure to suit your project.

City Tweed DK


Sibling Scarves

A friend of mine has two little girls age 9 and 7. I volunteered to knit each one a scarf figuring it would be a great way to use up some of my leftover fingering weight yarn. In my enthusiasm, I completely forgot about the possibility of sibling rivalry. So, I came up with a plan.


Baby Blanket Decisions

Even though my Christmas crafting is over, I still have some really fun gifts I’m excited to get started on. I have some really good friends expecting babies this year so that means I get to make a lot of baby things!

My first projects are for 2 dear friends who are expecting their first baby in May.  All of us are big University of Oregon Ducks fans (and if you are a college football fan, yes, we are all still celebrating the big win from yesterday) so I wanted to make sure I had a UofO theme for them.  I’ll definitely make a Duck Hat of course!


Brava Gifts

Like Kerin, I’m a bit of yarn snob.  I mean, I started out using big box store acrylic yarns but when I discovered how much I liked working with wool, I pretty much left them behind.  So I was initially trepidatious when we first received our initial samples of Brava.  But I always like to play with new yarns and I did have a project in mind where acrylic would be the best fiber to use.


These are the Feet Eaters from Knitting Mochimochi!


Less than 2 weeks!

That’s how much time I have to finish up the knitted gifts for my family’s Christmas celebrations!  Eek!

Luckily I was smart this year and started my biggest project first, which was a vest for my mom – I made Talia, a free pattern by SweaterBabe but I haven’t got a good photo of it yet.  So with the big project out of the way, I’m left with a lot of smaller knitted gifts for 4 nieces & nephews.

A month ago, I was told that my 7 year old nephew really wanted some fingerless gloves to match his new green & black bike. I really love the pattern Knucks - I’ve made a ton of them over the years so they’re easy to whip out.  I used Swish DK in Black & Peapod.



There’s still time…

If you’re like me and haven’t started your holiday shopping yet,
don’t fear – there’s still time!  And if you’re trying to find just the
thing for your knitting friends, we have lots of options.

Besides yarn and needles, our kits
make great gifts. It comes all packaged up for you (just need some
paper and a bow!), and contains everything you need to make a project.
They make it easy for you to get your shopping done and find something
for every knitter on your list!

Accessories are fun to make and wear and are a great medium for learning new things.

Hugo Hat

This stylish cap pairs a simple slip stitch pattern with advanced
finishing. This is a great project for someone who is a little uneasy
about hemming, lining, seams and sewing – by the end of this hat,
they’ll be a pro!


Holiday Variety


‘Tis the season for knitting and general fiber craft madness! It’s foggy
outside and I’m keeping my cocoa mug topped off while I round out my
basket full of finished presents for family, friends and… of course,
the various pets! I like switching between something that will give
me that instant gratification and those complicated heirloom-quality
pieces that demand a greater portion of my brain. So, I thought I’d share some of the products of my industrious little
needles, just in case there are some of you out there who need a little
nudge of inspiration!


Gift idea – Toys!

So how is your gift crafting coming along?  For myself, I’m a little over halfway on my handmade gifts – I have 4 nieces & nephews and each requested some sort of knitted item (yes, I’ve trained them well).  They run in ages from 5 to 12 and all of them love silly little toys – which is good because I love making them!  So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite toy books & patterns if you need some gift ideas!

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you may remember that I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Danger and her monsters.