Summer Stripes Felted Water Bottle Holder

Since much of the US is in the midst of the dog days of summer, we thought it would be a good time to show off this week’s Freebie Friday pattern.

This is IDP designer Mara Jessup‘s Summer Stripes Felted Water Bottle Holder.  During the summer months, I’m chugging water like there’s no tomorrow and having a cute holder to carry my bottles around in is a no brainer.


Baby Tubies Socks

We’ve had a lot of recent new additions to our office – babies! So several of us have been scrambling as to what to knit up for these little darlings and but IDP Designer Nona Davenport has released a free pattern that is the perfect solution.

(It doesn’t hurt that she has an adorable model!)

Baby Tubie Socks! These are cute little socks, modeled on the classic knee high tube socks. Perfect for babies of either sex!


A Quartet of Headbands

This week, summer finally showed up in the Pacific Northwest – I realize that most of the rest of the country is in a record breaking heat wave but here in Oregon/Washington, it had been quite a chilly, rainy June. But no more! Now with the warmer weather, we are all scrambling to ditch our wool sweater projects and looking for some knitting/crochet projects that we can work on that won’t overheat us and that will be useful, whatever the temperature.

As it happens, Allyson Dykhuizen has a new free pattern that fits perfectly.

This is her Quartet of Headbands – 4 cute and light projects, perfect to knit up & wear immediatly, no matter the weather.


Sheep Scrubby Dishcloth

A few months back, several of us made our own dishcloths from a pattern template that Kerin created. We wanted to celebrate the release of Dishie - plus we thought it would be really fun. And it was! We kept them really easy – just knits & purls – and they seemed to be popular with a lot of our customers. Kim went a bit more complex with hers but still wanted to put it out as a free pattern. And now it’s ready!

It’s her Sheep Scrubby Dishcloth!


Swirling Leaves Baby Blanket

Spring is in the air!  We’re (not) enjoying a very wet cold spring here in Pacific Northwest but there is hopeful sunshine just around the bend.  And as much as we complain about the rain, we do love our green landscape.  And that’s the inspiration behind this week’s Freebie Friday pattern!

This cute baby blanket is the Swirling Leaves Baby Blanket by our own Kerin and her clever creativity is all over it.


Mary’s Summer Bag

I try to live green all year round (not just for Earth Day!).  Living in Portland OR makes it pretty easy – we have great public transportation & bike routes, recycling (and now composting) is a way of life, and most of our grocery stores & restaurants stock organic foods.  And the city of Portland recently banned plastic bags at major grocers and big-box stores.  So it’s not unusual to see folks carrying their own bags.

Our very own Kim designed this week’s Freebie Friday – the very cute Mary’s Summer Bag, perfect for bringing to the grocery store & farmers markets!