2 Free Natty Knits patterns!

This week we have two adorable free patterns from the wonderful Natty Knits!

First up is Baby’s First Football.


Surrounded all my life by football fans, I think this is adorable and wish I had it when I was making a few baby gifts a while back for some football families.  Even if you’re not a football fan, the size of the football is a great size for babies & small children to grasp and play with.


Happy Friday!

Memorial Day weekend is a weekend here in the US of remembering men and women of the military. It’s also the unofficial start of the summer (though it certainly doesn’t feel much like summer here in the Pacific Northwest right now!).  And it’s my birthday – a fairly significant one at that!  So with that, I figured I’d share with you 4 awesome free patterns to enjoy!


All four patterns are by the immensely talented Sara Elizabeth Kellner – she creates the most adorable (and free) patterns ever, including Henry’s Rabbit, shown above.