Oregon Flock and Fiber 2012

This weekend was one of the Knit Picks staff’s favorite festivals – Oregon Flock and Fiber! I think pretty much all of us have gone every year to drool over pretty yarn and fiber and this year was no exception. And after a gloomy dark Friday, Saturday was full of gorgeous sunshine (but still cool enough for some knitwear!) so it was a perfect day to drive out the Canby Fairgrounds.

This year, since I’ve gone to a lot of yarn festivals this year, I actually was more interested in seeing the cute animals! Several of us met up before the duck herding demonstration to watch the herding dogs show off their skills.


Have you any wool?

Why, three bags full in fact!

Actually, I have so much more than that! But I did get those at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival last weekend!

I can’t really pass up a deal like that – it’s scraps and seconds,
but $6 for 8 oz of fiber is just too good. Unfortunately I must come
across deals like that too often, because I have so, so, so much
spinning fiber that I’m quickly running out of places to put it.

So, obviously knitting is not my only pastime. Spinning is certainly
one of them, and although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a great
spinner, I love the process of watching a big ball of fluff turn into
something wonderful and useable.