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2016-06-18 13.27.26
Knitting in Public

Did you craft in public this past weekend? We held a lovely get together in Colonel Summers Park in Portland, OR. There was free yarn and books, prize baskets, lots of chatting and crafting, and unfortunately, a good amount of rain. Nevermind! We headed under the park's picnic shelter and carried on. No, those aren't our wet socks on the line, but samples from Toasty Toes, all in a row!

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A Year of Crafting in Public

I know it's officially Craft (Knit) in Public Week but you can find me doing something crafty while I'm out and about every day, 365 days out of the year so why limit myself to one week!? Unfortunately I don't always have someone along with me to document my craftitude so I thought I'd share some of my favorite craft selfies in honor of my favorite week!

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Craft in Public Week!

Craft in Public week starts on Saturday! (Ok, so it's officially called Knit In Public but we here at Knit Picks all here do all sorts of crafts out in public so we prefer our term.  We like to be all inclusive!) It runs from June 14 though June 22nd - so lots of time to show off your crafty selves! To be honest, I'm always knitting or crocheting in public so it's fun to have a week to celebrate it.

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