New Sweaters for Every Body

Spring looks like it’s here, but the weather still isn’t convinced. T-shirts are still relegated to storage and my sweater collection is in full rotation, I’ve even been double layering sweaters outside to do yard work. Cold days also means a cold house where hand washed things take a whole week to air dry (if I’m lucky) so I found myself contemplating a range of cheap polar fleece jackets to wear while I dig up bushes and mix compost into my soon-to-be dye garden in the back yard. I didn’t see anything I liked, but I did see a bag of Brava Worsted in Peacock that looked pretty enticing so I gave in to my knitting needles and decided to cast on the Worsted Crewneck from Worsted Basics pattern collection.


Crafting for the football fan

We’re coming to the end of the NFL season, and while I am definitely more of a baseball fan, I do enjoy a lazy Sunday watching some football. And, as of this moment, my two favorite teams are still battling to make it to the SuperBowl (that would be the Seahawks & the Patriots, mainly due to my Seattle & Boston connections). If you’re reading this after January 19th, and neither team is in the SuperBowl, just picture me being very sad.

Since I have a lot of friends who are also sport fans, I’ve gotten requests for some knitted/crochet items in team colors so I thought I’d share some of my favorites patterns


The Winter Blues Have Arrived!

I’m embracing the long winter months ahead with a delicious wintery blue Brava project. Like most everyone, I have a major crush on any rainbow palette – be it a full-on Crayola extravaganza or a subtle monochromatic transition. I was delighted when we expanded our Brava acrylic worsted palette to include just the perfect hues for my dream crochet blanket.

Brava Blues


Podcast 231: New Winter Collections & Yarn

To ring in the new year, Jenny and Stacey get together to chat about new collections and yarn out for our Winter 2014 catalog! The first of three collections highlights the Gloss yarn line with 6 versatile designs, while the other two collections make the most of your yarn stash with patterns designed to use under 100 grams of yarn. The Under 100 Knit collection brings together 30 designs and the Under 100 Crochet collection features 10 designs – all of which are ideal for those odds and ends of yarn from the post-holiday crafting season. Finally, Jenny and Stacey talk about Brava’s expanded range of colors and our ever-growing selection of free patterns (psst…be sure to check out our 52 weeks of dishcloths)!


You can find our three new collections for Winter here:

Gloss 2014 collection printed book
Gloss 2014 collection ebook
Under 100 Knit collection printed book
Under 100 Knit collection ebook
Under 100 Crochet collection printed book
Under 100 Crochet collection ebook

And be sure to check out all of our new Brava colors!

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Go to your Happy Place

We all have a place that we hold dear in our hearts – our own ‘Happy Place’. Now you can have two more to wrap yourself in – the Happy Place Afghans!

These afghans make beautiful bedspreads and feature whimsical scenes from some popular happy destinations. The Forest afghan takes you to a dense, geometric pine forest with an owl for company, while the Ocean afghan invites you to share the rolling waves with an inquisitive whale.


Baby to the Rescue!

As all little princesses grow up to realize, most fairy tales don’t work out quite how we planned. In my case, it was my Brava blanket in Fairy Tale. It was originally conceptualized as one large, granny square design, but a wicked witch cast a spell over the stitches and the square began puckering. Being too busy (i.e. lazy) to start over, I finished the imperfect square and began another one, with the noble intention of piecing a total of 6 squares together into one large blanket.

Brava Swatch


Knit & Crochet in Public Week: Talking to Strangers

To begin, I’d like to share an exchange that occurred in a waiting room last year:

Young boy: HEY! What are you doing?
Me: Oh, hey there. You mean this? I’m crocheting a scarf.
Young boy: CROW-saying?
Me: Right, close! I’m crocheting. See, you use this hook to make loops with the yarn.
Young boy: (yells across room) MOM, LOOK AT WHAT THIS GIRL IS SEWING.
Young boy’s mother: Honey, that’s not sewing. She’s knitting.

Public crafting—like anything you do that’s not “staring blankly at the ground”—opens you (and your work) up to an immediate and directed dialogue with strangers; as most of you have experienced, this is both good and bad!


In honor of “Knit & Crochet in Public Week” (which kicked off last Saturday), I’d like to present the best stranger comments I’ve heard over the last couple of weeks (from parks to cafes), all in relation to the same in-progress Brava blanket pictured above