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Super Snuggly Cowls

As with everyone else in the office, I ooo'd & aww'd over Billow.  The colors were beautiful and it's so so soft! But when it came time for me to choose a project - I was stumped.  My coworkers were hard at work on blankets and sweaters but I wanted something smaller that I could keep next to my skin at all times - so cowls seemed to be the most obvious choice! I opted to finally do the famous GAP-tastic Cowl - it's been something in my queue for a very long time.  I chose my favorite color of Billow - Spearmint - and got to work.

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The Cowl That Took a Year to Make

It took me a year, but I finally did it. I learned how to crochet. It’s been twelve months now that I’ve weekly been immersed in yarn, needles, patterns and talk of gauge size working here at Knit Picks. As an art director and a staunch fan of the Industrial Revolution, though, I never saw the need to create my own garments and accessories. Whatever would the machines do with their time if I did?

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