Finally Finished! The Billow Blanket

The feeling must be similar as to when one welcomes their first child into the world: you waited soooo long for it, upon its arrival you giddily parade it before all, and many people – even strangers – want to hold it, again and again.

Yep, I just finished my first crochet ‘child’, the massive Billow blanket. Well, the first crochet child of mine that I like (ugh, you messy cowl!).
Billow blanket


Striped Billow Blanket

Oh, buttery-soft Billow, I’ve been waiting for you for ages.

I’ve had the prototype skein of Billow on my desk for months, and it’s easily the most-petted yarn sample in my office. It’s soft yet sturdy, knits up quickly, and makes you look like The Fanciest Knitter in the World when all you’re actually doing is miles of stockinette.

This line is a completely new concept for Knit Picks – the 8-ply thick-and-thin structure gives you a yarn that knits up into a slightly slubby, richly textured fabric.  We wanted to show off that texture to best effect, and consequently Billow was a challenge regarding color selection. We wanted to come up with softly saturated colors that came together unexpectedly in a fresh palette, and we also were trying to include a good range of neutrals (both browns and greys) in order to make the line more versatile.  It’s a great mix of colors, and they work together in surprising ways but can also stand on their own in solid-color projects.


Billow Photo Contest!

You’ve seen our projects in Billow over the past 2 weeks…now we want to see yours!

We are all very much in love with our Billow projects and want to see what our friends have been doing with our newest yarn.  So we’re having a contest where you can win a $100 Knit Picks gift certificate!


Jury Duty Pullover

I just can’t get over HOW SOFT THIS YARN IS! I’ve been looking forward
to our very first shipment of our brand new yarn, Billow, since the day
we decided to add it to our lineup for 2013. I love the soft, luscious
color palette, the wonderfully tactile thick-and-thin strand and… did I
mention the color palette?!


The Ultimate Billow Blanket

When our latest yarn Billow first arrived to the office, I was in the same boat as all of my crafty coworkers: completely head-over-heals, need to have it in my life, in love with this yarn. Unfortunately, this caused me great anxiety as I am very much a one-at-a-time project kind of gal – but Billow was just so tempting! Considering I was going to break my “one project” rule for Billow (I have an in progress cowl on the needles), I methodically rummaged through my books and patterns looking for the perfect project.

my ultimate billow blanket, nestled nicely on top of my couch


Super Snuggly Cowls

As with everyone else in the office, I ooo’d & aww’d over Billow.  The colors were beautiful and it’s so so soft! But when it came time for me to choose a project – I was stumped.  My coworkers were hard at work on blankets and sweaters but I wanted something smaller that I could keep next to my skin at all times – so cowls seemed to be the most obvious choice!

I opted to finally do the famous GAP-tastic Cowl – it’s been something in my queue for a very long time.  I chose my favorite color of Billow - Spearmint – and got to work.


The Cowl That Took a Year to Make

Billow Cowl

It took me a year, but I finally did it. I learned how to crochet. It’s been twelve months now that I’ve weekly been immersed in yarn, needles, patterns and talk of gauge size working here at Knit Picks. As an art director and a staunch fan of the Industrial Revolution, though, I never saw the need to create my own garments and accessories. Whatever would the machines do with their time if I did?