Sorting the Stash

My yarn stash is… well, more along the lines of a squirrel hoarding
acorns against a long winter than a few future projects saved and
waiting to be used. I spent this past weekend trying to impose some sort of
order. While the pile hasn’t gotten any smaller (in fact, it’s gotten a
tad bit bigger after the office stash swap party last week) I do think I’ve found a way to make starting projects easier.


3rd Annual “De-Stash” Party at Knit Picks

What’s a de-stash party, you ask? It’s a yearly event that we do here at the office. Three years ago a few of us employees here at Knit Picks were complaining about the huge stash of yarn/fabric that we have at home.  Since it was the first of the year and clean-up resolutions were on our minds, we came up with a “de-stash” party idea. Both knitters and quilters participated, and we brought in the yarn/fabric we were willing to part with.  After weighing the stash we each bought, all the goodies were dumped into a big pile. The person who brought the most was the first to dig in!

stash pile


It’s a great time to give back.

Because I was raised with two skis practically attached to my feet,
winter is my absolute favorite time of year.  Any opportunity that I
have to play in the snow, I take it!  One unfortunate side-effect of me
being around snow is that the cheesy grin you see below is pretty well
perma-glued on my face the whole time.  There are worse things, I

Sadly for me, Portland’s winters are generally pretty chilly and
wet, but not the kind of wet that I like; the kind that comes down in
raindrops. We don’t get a ton of snow (except for that one year when we
did) but the air at night is absolutely bone chilling.  While not ideal
for a skier, the lack of snow is actually a really great thing. 
Portland, Oregon is home to approximately 20,000 homeless men, women and
children; approximately 13,000 of which do not have any place to go for
shelter at night. Obviously, homelessness is not just a concern in
Oregon.  A study done in 2009 reported that one in every 66 people
living in major US cities used a residential homeless program in the
subject year.

Before she retired two years ago…


The Making of a Cover

NV Catalog Cover

November is almost here! And that means that there’s a new catalog in the works. In the spirit of cooler weather and cozier knits, the next cover is a tiny fiber village! I spent the past two winters in a tiny town in rural Vermont enjoying deep snow, icy ponds and farm houses blanketed with snow so this season I couldn’t resist recreating some of those memories with soft, cozy fiber.