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Announcing Windswept!

Living in Oregon is a constant source of inspiration to me. But for my latest collection, Windswept, I went back to my New Jersey shore roots.

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First Light Giveaway!

Contest is now closed - We'll be announcing the winners soon!   We’re all terrifically excited about First Light here. In fact, it’s a first for us: 14 gorgeous patterns by 12 different designers—all coming together for varied-yet-harmonious collection. You can download individual patterns for $4.99 or score the whole lot in the printed book version for just $19.99. The best part? Each printed book also comes with a free PDF-version of the book—perfect for throwing on your laptop or tablet for on-the-go continued crafting. But first, try your luck at a contest!

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Introducing First Light!

With Spring just around the corner, what could be more inspiring than a collection of delicate, drapey knits? With our minds full of the first buds of spring, fresh dew on grass and the first warm breezes of the year, we put together our 2013 Spring Collection: First Light.

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