Bee’s Knees Dishcloth

A new week, and a new dishcloth for our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths extravaganza! This is my first contribution: Bee’s Knees.

This 11″ square cloth features a happy bumble bee in flight, with a border in Bee Stitch. The fluffly texture of Bee Stitch combined with Dishie makes this a really squishy fabric – great to use as a washcloth or dishcloth.

Bee’s Knees uses less than one ball of Dishie. In fact, if you’re sparing, you can get two cloths out of one ball. Keep one and give one to a friend, or make a whole hive of them for your own kitchen!

4 thoughts on “Bee’s Knees Dishcloth

  1. Adorable pattern, but I’m confused by which side is RS and which is WS. Usually I see charts with odd #’s on the right side and knitting odd# rows from the right, etc. This printout has odd # rows on the left. Can you clarify? Thanks!

  2. I love your pattern but my pattern stitch looks nothing like the picture. Do you have an youtube or a picture of exactly how the knit below stitch is made. Is the first row (RS) knit or purl?
    Thanks for your help

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