Arc en Ciel Dishcloth

During this time of year, with the days grey & dreary, I want a little cheer in my household.  So I decided that I needed a bright & happy dishcloth, that way at least doing boring things like dishes is a little more exciting!


When flipping through some stitch dictionaries, I ran across a Bargello stitch I liked the look of, though I decided I wanted some much wider stripes.  So with a little swatching with some Cotlin (and some math), I came up with the Arc en Ciel Dishcloth!

This is a fairly simple pattern – a garter stitch border and simple stockinette stitch make up most of the dishcloth and between each color is 2 rows of slip stitches, to give it a little interest.


While I chose a cheery rainbow of Cotlin colors (hence the name; arc en ciel is French for rainbow), this pattern is easily customizable – you can use 2 or 3 colors to create a stripey dishcloth that matches your kitchen.  You can even use yarns such as Dishie with this pattern, just use a size or 2 larger needles though it’ll make a larger dishcloth than the 10″ square I have.  The variations are endless – I hope you have fun with it!


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