52 Weeks of Dishcloths

Happy New Year!

How many of you knit or crochet dishcloths?  We know they are pretty popular – all of us here make our own dishcloths all the time, usually practicing a fun new stitch or technique. Since I don’t have a dishwasher, I have tons of dishcloths and I find that all of my handmade dishcloths work so much better than ones found in stores.

So with that in mind, for 2014 we thought we’d have a fun little Dishcloth-along!  Every week, we will be posting a brand new dishcloth pattern – for free!  Each pattern is written by the Knit Picks staff and at the end of the year, we have something special planned for them. (it’s a secret for now, but I think you’ll enjoy it.)

So first up is the dishcloth pattern I make all the time for myself – Orbital.


I’m not kidding, I have at least a dozen of this easy to crochet pattern in my dishcloth drawer, in all sizes & colors.  The pattern as written creates a 10.5″ diameter dishcloth but it’s easy to make them smaller or larger – just take out or add a few rounds.  I did these Dishie (Jalepeno and Honeydew – green is my favorite color) but I’ve also made similar ones in Shine and Comfy for facecloths.  It’s a really versatile pattern and one I don’t have to worry making sure my edges are nice & neat, like I do with square crochet dishcloths!


Each dishcloth takes less than a skein of Dishie - and I had enough of both colors to do a stripey one as well!  Or you if you have odds & ends of worsted cotton yarn, you can change colors every round to make a rainbow Orbital!

Here is the direct link to the pattern – I can’t wait to see all the versions you come up with!

Orbital Dishcloth

I hope you enjoy this pattern – and stayed tuned for next Thursday, when will have another free pattern for you!

24 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Dishcloths

  1. I and so glad that you are doing this. I am always looking for new and easy, quick patterns. I am going to try making some in varigated cotton. Thank you so much for doing this for us.

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  3. If I could do one new one for every week that you give us I would end up with 52 dishcloths for the year. That is a lot. Unfortunately, I had to give up crocheting because of arthritis and went strictly knitting, so I hope to see some knitted patterns to try! Thank you Knit Picks!

  4. This looks like fun. Will there be knitted cloths too? I forwarded this to my daughters but unfortunately, I haven’t quite gotten the crochet down.

  5. Could use some more free patterns to make more. All the sorority girls and friends love them when I make them as their gift

  6. Love Knitpicks! Looking forward to the dishcloths. Like others, I would like to see knitted cloths too. I can do both, but love variety.

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