Lots of eBooks!


Have you noticed our eBook selection recently?  We’re so excited how popular it’s been and we’ve been adding titles every week. I’m finding it really convient to have all my files with me when I’m traveling – so I don’t have to lug around books or pieces of paper that, in my case anyway, will inevitably get lost

Many are from our IDP designers – so many great titles!  I already own Erica Jackofsky’s Sweet Treat Collection - I blogged about my cute little yoga socks & Blue Ice Beret that I made from there. It’s one of my favorite knitting collections ever.



Back from maternity leave

I’m back at work from maternity leave and feeling good. I actually missed work–I guess that’s a good sign that I love my job, eh? For those of you who didn’t read the news elsewhere and are wondering, my baby …


Designer Interviews for New Summer Shawl Kits

Summer seems to have gotten a late start this year, but it looks like the sunshine has come just in time for all of the wonderful new shawl kits! And of course, Kerin kindly shared her inspiration for the colors and designs behind these shawls – some of which come from the most unlikely of places! But it just goes to show that inspiration is around us everywhere.


TNNA – the designers!


One of the best things about TNNA for me was meeting all the wonderful designers I work with all the time – both in the IDP program as well as on other projects.  I tried not to be all fangirly with designers I’ve loved even before I started working here but it was hard not to be starstruck.

First up (once I remembered to start taking pictures) was one of the original IDP designers - David Castillo.




TNNA: Interview with Doris Chan

One of the best parts of TNNA was being around so many crafty people
and sharing in this amazing community of smart, talented knitters and
crochets. While we were there, we were able enough to meet so many of
the designers involved with the Independant Design Program. And lucky
for us, we got the opportunity to meet Doris Chan, author of Crochet Lace Innovations! Not only is Doris a talented crochet designer, but she is also one of the contributors to the pattern, Pam’s Comfort Cables, which is available through the IDP program.



World Wide Knit in Public Week Winners!

What an amazingly fun time we had this past World Wide Knit in Public
Week.  If you were playing along on our blog, we thank you very much! 
We have gone through our comment logs and found our winners. 

Monday’s winner was Karen Aguilar

Tuesday’s winner was Louise

Wednesday’s winner was Eleanor

and Thursday’s winner was Heather Thorn

had so much fun reading through everyone’s guesses.  You folks are
smart!  Next year, we’ll have to make the challenges a little tougher. 
We will be sending our winners an email shortly to verify information. 
Once we hear back, they will get their gift cards!

If you missed any of Kerin’s adventures, here are the pictures from her travels.  They’re sure to make you chuckle!


Kerin’s Knitting in Norway!

In yesterday’s picture, did you happen to notice anything special about Kerin’s outfit?  That’s right, she was wearing her Norwegian-inspired sweater!   Today, Kerin is happily knitting away in the snowy Norwegian Fjords, bundled up in her beautiful sweater and …


It’s World Wide Knit in Public Week!

Today marks the first day of World Wide Knit in Public Week!  Woo hoo!  What are you doing to celebrate?  Make sure to check back on our blog on Monday for details about a really fun contest.  Until then, enjoy …

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