Kate plus 9?

We had a Halloween party in the office today.  My coworkers are so creative, it’s really fun to see their Halloween costumes each year.  This year, my coworkers were scheming behind my back.  I was completely surprised when I came into the office to see everyone dressed as me! 


Into the Woods

I hate being cold. I hate seeing my loved ones get cold. I guess
this might be why I love knitting so much! When I started dreaming up a
design for a hat and convertible mitts to function as the ultimate warm
accesories, I decided to zero in on the parts of me that get coldest,
fastest, when I am out and about in the winter months: my ears, and my
fingers. Using that a a starting point, I worked up a design for a
dapper, plaid hat and mitts that would harness the intese softmness and
warmth of Suri Dream and concentrate it exactly where it will be needed: lining the earflaps and mitten tops of our Into The Woods hat and mitts!


Stitch Doctor–Reading Your Stitches


The first step to fixing a knitting mistake is preventing a knitting mistake in the first place.  This first video shows you how to count stitches and rows in stockinette, reverse stockinette, and garter stitch fabric.  That way, if you set your knitting down, or lose your place, you can just count your stitches and rows to figure out where you were in the pattern.  



Taking stock of my WIPs

Football and cool weather are setting off my autumnal nesting urges. I want to settle in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea and knitting. But, what knitting? Part of my nesting urge is to finish off WIPs. A version of tidying up my cave before settling in for a long winter’s nap.