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Cupcake Fingerless Mitts on the go

I have inched up to SpillyJane’s Cupcake Mittens like they were a wild tiger. I fell in love with the design, bought the pattern and even chatted with SpillyJane on one of my podcasts. Of course, while we were still in Mexico, I didn’t easily have access to Palette yarns. I decided that I could wait until I could try making a raid on our office yarn stash.

Last week, that is exactly what I did – pawed through our bins of extra Palette yarn. We didn’t have every color SpillyJane used in her design. But, thanks to the selection of 150 colors, I was able to find substitutions that I like.

Haze Heather (replacing Bluebell)
Bison (replacing Bark)
Lipstick (replacing Pimento)
Blossom (replacing Cotton Candy)
Garnet Heather

Cupcake Fingerless Mitts - Balls of Yarn

Once I had the balls of Palette gathered, I began having a little trouble figuring just when I would knit my fingerless mitts. The balls of yarn took up a lot more space than the mittens themselves!

There are some projects that I find easy to imagine as my “sit-at-home” knitting – sweaters, for example. But, fingerless mitts clearly fall under my definition of “travel” knitting.

Cupcake Fingerless Mitts - Tiny Skeins

Ta Da!! I wound up tiny balls of all the colors except for Haze Heather. Now my project will fit easily into a Knit Happy Take Along Tote. These tiny balls will probably not get me through a pair of Cupcake Mittens but they will certainly get me through an evening of knitting in a restaurant or at a friend’s home. I can easily wind up new balls as needed.