A Different Way to Give Handmade

A few years ago, a knitter friend of mine presented me with a different way to give handmade gifts: don’t gift finished projects. It was a revelation.
Business As Usual

It seems to be a common progression amongst knitters.  When you first learn to knit you think to yourself “I’ll never have to buy another gift again! From now on, everyone in my life will receive thoughtfully planned, lovingly created, unique handmade treasures!”
A Different Way ...
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Monthly Yarn Sale – Stroll Hand Painted

Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn, 20% the entire month of December

If you’re ready for some color to perk up the darker months, you’ll love December’s Monthly Yarn Sale: 20% off all Stroll Hand Painted. Although we have yet to hit “official” Winter, some days it feels like the best of Fall is behind us. Where we call home, the leaves have fallen, the grey days seem to have set in, and it’s anyone guess the next time we’ll see real sunshine. Even the affirmed sun-averse like myself can find ourselves yearning for something bright. Stroll Hand Painted is the perfect answer, especially at 20% off!

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December 2016 Calendar

Happy December! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is nearly over. For the final month of the year, we’re feeling the blues – the pretty blues of our Palette yarn! Our latest free downloadable calendar features our beloved Palette, in shades from the pretty Opal Heather to the deep dark gorgeous Navy. Perfect for all sorts of projects, Palette really shines when it comes to colorwork – you can create your own masterpiece today!

 Free Downloadable December 2016 Calendar from knitpicks.com

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Give the Gift of Knitting & Crocheting

Among the greatest blessings in my life (along with pre-cooked sausages and Amazon Prime), I count knitting and crocheting at the very top. The joy, fulfillment and unwinding (pun intended) they have brought into my life are beyond measure. Though my crafting journey has been marked with many tears (I still get PTSD when I drop a stitch), I am eternally grateful to my patient coworkers for starting me on this lifelong adventure.

My very first crochet project was a cowl in our super soft Billow cotton yarn. Despite the shockingly uneven stitches, I don’t think there was a prouder gal that cold winter day of 2012.

Learning to crochet with KnitPicks.com

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Thanksgiving Chill Zone

sure I spend some serious time with my needles, surrounded by my family, making pretty things. If you haven’t already planned something crafty to do over the long holiday weekend, let us help you! We’ve put together a weekend’s worth of knit and crochet projects, must-watch movies to get you in the holiday spirit, and the perfect snacks and drinks to enjoy. Join us in the Knit Picks Thanksgiving Chill Zone!

For family movie night


To make: Zick Zack Scarf (pattern on Ravelry) with our NEW Chroma Twist yarn.
To eat: Melon & Prosciutto Skewers
To drink: Cranberry Moscow Mule
To watch: Home Alone
(Scarf photo courtesy of Ravelry user KimberlyGKnits)

For your lazy Sunday afternoon


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