Sweater Care – Save Our Knits!

Lissycasey Sweater Knitting Pattern - Knitpicks.com

Let’s talk sweater care. You’ve spent what feels like an eternity knitting away at this single garment and now that it’s off the needles it’s time to start taking care of it in a way that will ensure that it’s still around decades later (as every good masterpiece should). We’ve got a range of simple tools that will keep your knits in tip-top condition, ready to pop on for everything from yard work to snuggling in front of a cozy fire with a good book.

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New kits for easy crafting

I’m a one-click type of shopping gal. Hours spent perusing, coordinating, compiling? Nooooo, thank you. If I could, I would do all my shopping with one stroke of the almighty mouse: one click and poof! There’s my spring wardrobe! Another click and viola! There’s my living room redecorating supplies.

That’s why I love our kits so much – they make crafty shopping so much easier. We do the coordinating and compiling; you do the crafting (and saving)! Here are a few new kits I’ve been eyeing:

I recently binged watch the entire Agatha Christy Poirot detective series. The Mystery varn value pack in our bouncy and lush Paragon yarn is full of luxurious hues refined enough for even the most fastidious Belgian gentleman’s taste.

Mystery Varn Value Pack from KnitPicks.com

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Taking Stock of the Stash: Knit Picks Organizational Tips

Knit Picks Needles

January is a month for clean sweeps and fresh starts. We compile lists of resolutions that can span from the achievable to the nearly impossible.

As crafters we all know the resolution to organize the craft space can seem more impossible then achievable.  Especially after a year of fawning over new yarn colors, downloading pattern after pattern, testing out new needles and hooks, surrounding ourselves in a plethora of supplies. We at Knit Picks definitely understand your plight and offer some helpful tips to take stock of the stash.

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Book Sale: Great Craft Books for Winter

Winter Book Sale - knitpicks.com

The Knit Picks Winter Book Sale is the perfect opportunity to celebrate surviving the holidays. All of our holiday gift and decor crafting is done, but we’re still deep in Winter, settling in for hibernation after the hustle and bustle. In other words, we’re at great time to dive deep into some serious crafting. Whether your New Year’s resolutions involve learning new skills, finishing old projects, or just dedicating more time to the crafts you love, we have a book for you. And with the Winter Book Sale, you can treat yourself to a special gift at 40% off! Here’s just a sampling of some of the wonderful books we adore that you’ll find on sale.

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Mighty Stitch Love

My skin is what I call ‘princess skin’ – there are very few yarns it can tolerate. Super duper soft Mighty Stitch is one of the lucky few fibers that will adorn my neck. Available in worsted, bulky and super bulky, save 20% on Mighty Stitch for the month of January!

Here is my portfolio of Mighty Stitch projects. I guess you can say I’m a fan!

Mighty Stitch yarn from KnitPicks.com

A cowl in Mighty Stitch Bulky held double for my mom in her favorite jewel tones.

Pattern: Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap

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For the love of cables

Have you seen our newest collection?

Cable Knitting: Woodsmoke Collection. www.knitpicks.com

This gorgeous collection is for all the cable lovers out there. I am certainly one of them! When it comes to techniques, cables have always been my favorite – I find them very fun to knit and love watching each twist and turns as they climb up my project. So Woodsmoke is a dream come true – 16 patterns easy to challenging cable projects!

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