Crafting on the Go

One of my favorite things about beginning my knitting adventure a year ago was how it transformed traveling. No longer were airport waits, interminable subway rides or rainier-than-expected vacations a thing to be feared. With a project in hand, the longest delays are bearable – even fun! Here are a few photos of our staffs’ crafting on the go adventures.
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You Can Never Have Enough Luxurious Lace

It’s been a while since Knit Picks to put out an advanced lace collection and we’re quite excited to present this year’s offering, Luxurious Lace. We decided on the name because of the stunningly sophisticated stitches, the deliciously indulgent yarn, and because our graphic designer refused to create a logo for our working title: OMG THESE ARE SO PRETTY.

Knit Picks Collection Luxurious Lace - Cover

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