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Stuff We Love: Clover Pom-pom Maker

I have to admit, I have an unnatural appreciation for a good pom-pom...well, obsession might be the more appropriate description! There is nothing quite as satisfying as topping off a newly finished knit hat with a big, chunky pom-pom. In my world, there isn't a pom-pom that is too big or too fluffy!

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Stuff We Love: Soak Wash Flatter Spray

Did you see that select tools are up to 40% off for a limited time? It's a great way to stock up on some important items that can help take your projects to the finish line. I'm always amazed at how a little tool (like a row counter, for $1.99!) can make a knitting project go so much faster. There's so many items that you never think you need until you have them, and can't wait to use them again and again. One item I use constantly is the Soak Flatter Spray.

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