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Staff Projects – Accessories + Ornament Edition!

The weather is turning chilly, the evenings are darker, and the needles around Knit Picks sure have been busy! Check out some of the staff projects we've been working on. They're accessories that knit up quickly and might be perfect for your upcoming gift list!

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Staff Projects: Finished Fall Knits

Here at the Knit Picks' office, several of us have been in a finishing frenzy! It seems like every other week, we're admiring a newly finished project while planning and rearranging our own pattern queues. And in that spirit of sharing inspiration, we've rounded up a few of our favorite recently finished knits that have been spotted at the Knit Picks' office. 1. Jenny: The Rockefellar Cardigan As soon as I had a few balls of Tuff Puff yarn in my hands, I knew what was in store for me: a giant, puffy cardigan. And it was off to the bookshelves for me - searching for the perfect pattern which I ended up finding in an older book: Twinkle's Big City Knits by Wenlan Chia.

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Staff Projects: Winging It, For Our Kids

So much of parenting is just figuring it out as you go along, right? In keeping with that idea, Alison and I have recently been crafting without patterns - just "winging it", as we do in some form with our young kids each and every day. I hesitated about posting these projects, only because we get a lot of questions about our staff projects: what patterns we used, if/where we altered the pattern, how much yarn we used, and if that yarn still available. These three projects are an amalgamation of elements that came together without a specific plan, but I wanted to show you them anyway. Sometimes it's the spontaneous things we create that turn out to be the most unique, don't you think? First up, is this watermelon slice that Alison made from our newest yarn, Tuff Puff. She used under 5 skeins of Pucker, 2 skein of Macaw, and 1 skein each of White and Black. Alison would like to report that she has aspirations for writing up this pattern, but would like to change how she did the decreases. In the meantime, she says her 1 year-old daughter will enjoy belly flopping on it, immensely. Job done!

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