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Lissycasey Sweater Knitting Pattern -
Sweater Care – Save Our Knits!

Let's talk sweater care. You've spent what feels like an eternity knitting away at this single garment and now that it's off the needles it's time to start taking care of it in a way that will ensure that it's still around decades later (as every good masterpiece should). We've got a range of simple tools that will keep your knits in tip-top condition, ready to pop on for everything from yard work to snuggling in front of a cozy fire with a good book.

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My Favorite Tools, and a Sale!

It's time to talk tools! Whether you need to update your arsenal or simply add something new to the mix, our ongoing Summer Tool Sale is a great opportunity to place those long-awaited orders for everything you need to get crafting. I'm going to share some of my favorite tools that are part of the sale before, but make sure to check out our full range of sale tools online in the next week!

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Customer Question of the Week: Caring for Bamboo-Blends

Hey there! Welcome to “Customer Question of the Week”, a new weekly blog feature wherein our crack team of experts (okay, it’s the KP staff) answers your most pressing fiber-crafting queries. Have a ponderance or problem you need solved? Email us at Even though we won’t be able to respond to every person, your question may be chosen for this feature! Ultra-smart, in-house designer Kerin tackles this week's fiber dilema. Q: "How should I wash bamboo-blend garments?" A: To begin, Rayon-type cellulosic materials like viscose, bamboo, and Modal are much different than other plant fibers in that they do not retain strength when wet. They will stretch more than cotton, and can shrink unevenly. When blended into a springy yarn, the inelastic viscose fibers are not held straight, but they will tend to relax and straighten out (therefore stretching the yarn) when wet.

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